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5 Best And Definitive Fact Checking Websites On The Internet

The internet is well-known for containing tons of websites, and it is also very popular as the information superhighway because tons of sites on the web carries tons of information about the world and many such things. And now the internet is becoming well-known about providing the breaking news and its relevant free-flowing details that brought the people around the world closer. However, there are tons of websites on the web it is evident that all those sites come with its downsides as well.

Because there are many different ways from that people can get misinformation. It can’t say from which way people can get this kind of stuff such as social media platform, websites or maybe some other way. But the misinformation can lead people to the wrong way it is better to let you know there are few of trusted and reputed sites from that you can get the real information about hot topics like Politics, Religion and numerous of Scams and Hoaxes.

Here we have collected 5 of the best fact-checking sites. The purpose of these sites isn’t only delivered the news to the folks but also provides the resource on media bias and fact-checking. Some of the places have been providing the awareness against the rumors by giving the evidence those also include the hard facts as well. So using the given below fact-checking sites, you can quickly verify the factual claims those are made in your own writings.

Best Fact Checking Sites of 2017…

1.) WhoWhatWhen:

Let us first take a look at the information source that offers database rather than providing information for a list of web pages. Yes, the site SBROWSING.COM delivers the data in a list format of the database and the database known as the WhoWhatWhen.

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The database that the site SBROWSING.COM offers to the world is a key to the widespread events and of course the famous people from the 1000 A.D. to the present. The data can be assembled in numerous of the different ways that create graphic timelines of time periods in the history or of the individuals’ lives.

Using this database to find out the information is very easy for you. To find the relevant information all you need is to use the drop-down menus, and add the time or periods to those contemporary events from the distinct categories that can be included. This will then reveal that searched batch was alive while the initial elevator was hooked up.

The site also maintains some fascinating list of database such as alive & kicking, young & famous, ripe old age, died young, recently departed and random too.

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2.) OpenSecrets:

OpenSecrets is a non-profit and nonpartisan site which is a research group which is based in the Washington D.C. This site tracks the impacts of money and lobbying which is based on the elections and public policy.

This site contains a public online database of the information. With this site, people can keep on tracking the federal campaign contributions, a federal agency, bills and few other relevant details. It also includes some other resources such as personal financial disclosure of each of the members of the U.S Congress, top participants of administration and the president as well.

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3.) FactCheck:

The site FactCheck is another a non-partisan, non-profit fact-checking site that represents itself as a consumer advocate which means this site focuses on eliminating the level of the deception and confusion in U.S politics.

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FactCheck is one of the reputable fact-checking sites that running from very more extended time. The site was initially launched back in the year of 2003, and unlike other sites, this fact-checking site offers a variety of the topics. However, the site is also aimed most of the information based on the U.S Politics just like the few of the sites on our list right now.

This site contains one very different part that is Viral Spiral in which most of the content maintains the infraction to what it considers inaccurate or misleading claims those are made by politicians. The site monitors the factual correctness of political speeches, interviews, debates, TV ads as well as the news releases.

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4.) PolitiFact:

The website PolitiFact is another best fact-checking site that rates the correctness of the claims. Just like the name of the site, it measures the accuracy of those claims which made by the elected officials and others that speak up in American politics.

This site is famous for its investigations and verification on various claims and counterclaims by politicians of America and puts their efforts to separate the facts from the alternative events. The site is initially run by the Tampa Bay Times journalists who are Florida-based newspaper brand.

This is the most well-known sources to offer the reality in U.S politics. So if you are the person who is interested to always stay updates about U.S. Politics, then this site is for you.

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5.) Merriam-Webster:

The Merriam-Webster is a place where you can instantly check the basic facts. This incorporated site is an American company that releases the reference books which is known for the dictionaries. The company was founded back in 1831, and the publication offers utterly comprehensive dictionary for the An American Dictionary of the English Language.

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The dictionary helps to find or trace the meaning of the words from the 26 different languages. It offers the meaning of words, medical information, summaries of articles and many other things from its own encyclopedia. The best thing about this site is all free to use just like the other sites listed over here.

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There are also some other websites and people who have joined this bandwagon as well and began their own fact-checking websites. But here we have listed top rated and reputed fact-checking sites those are offering reliable and accurate information based on the political claims and few other information.

Which one fact-checking site is you are going to check right away? Tell us about it and don’t forget to provide the valuable information that you love the love the most on the site. And if you any fact checking site that you think they offer the relevant information that doesn’t mislead the people, then please share that site name here in the comments section.

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