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Build Your Trust Drive Business With Open Source Solution

Cloud computing and cloud storage services basically represent an enterprise that utilizes storage of digital data using a collective processing logics pool, spread across multiple servers. This makes it possible to use hosting companies like Google, Dropbox, Rackspace or Amazon, which keeps the user data accessible and available non-stop. The same data can be accessed using API’s, desktops and mobile device apps, or even systems that are solely based on the web. But, making this setup from the ground up is not as difficult as it may seem.

In fact, when open source platforms are combined with cloud storage, the same mixture can create solutions which provide users with a full cloud computing package at only a fraction of the costs compared to the giants of the storage industry. With them, users can attain the same benefits of access, data syncing and storage potential, but also enhance them with privacy and security which are far greater. Here are some of the most important facts about cloud computing storage that is provided via open source solution alternatives.

Secure Backup Server:

A corporate cloud system can go down anytime, leaving the users without their much-needed data access. By employing open source solution in the form of a readily available Intel Atom CPU or the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, anyone can produce a secure server for their cloud computing and storage system. A simple USB flash drive can act as the physical storage for the backup server while option like the application will allow for an encrypted format for the security of the same files. With this, a business can keep its data safe and secure on a completely private cloud.

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Easy Storage:

Commercial cloud storage solutions are predefined and offer to users on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. Utilizing open source solutions means defining cloud storage in a way that is necessary for a business. If a company needs 1GB of storage data, it can have it by employing a single USB flash drive. On the other hand, if it needs 100TB of storage, it can simply rack as many hard drives as it needs and connect them to an online server. This flexibility makes cloud computing storage simple and easy for any circumstance. For those looking for an instant solution when it comes to easy storage, SparkleShare is the best choice because it creates a folder on a PC which is used as a storage center.


Synchronize Data:

Data synchronization is one of the staples of cloud storage. With open source solutions, it can also become a lot more flexible. Seafile is software designed to synchronize files across mobile devices and PC’s, where users can even manage files in its web interface. By being unlimited when it comes to data storage space, apart from the physical hard disk being used, and the same is true for the number of client devices connected to the same private server.

Redundant System:

Cloud computing provides the bonus of making system redundant for a bigger chance of saving files in a case of unforeseen problems or an emergency situation. Swift is an open source solution that writes files on a multitude of disks spread across the data center, combined with the OpenStack app which takes care of data replication and its integrity. A small business can do a lot of essential work by combining these two solutions for an emergency-proof redundant system.

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With a bit of time and effort, putting these open source solutions in place can guarantee that a business can receive all the advantages of cloud computing and storage with a reduction in costs and a huge increase in security and privacy.

Deney DentelAbout the Author:Deney Dentel is the CEO at Nordisk Systems, Inc., As one of the cloud computing providers, Nordisk System is the only local business partner based in the Pacific Northwest. Here the company is specialized with unified open storage and cloud computing services in Portland.

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  1. I agree with your idea. Users can improve their business efficiency through Open source solutions. The ideas you share through this blog is really useful.

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