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Secure/Protect Your Blog/Website From 1st Degree Copier

Secure/Protect Your Blog/Website From 1st Degree Copier

What’s The Problem?
This is the 1st article about “Secure/Protect Your Blog/Website From Content Copier“. so we are here to protect your blog and website content from1st degree content copier that are so niche that even don’t know what they are copying, they just copy your article and paste it as it is to there blog post and even don’t remover your format style because they did not have time to this or many of them even don’t know to remove the format. Here for those copier we have a trick that will make his post linked with original link (your post url).

What To Do?
From this when they copy your article there automatically hiddenly a text line will be copied at there clipboard that are ensuring that this article is originally posted and written at other blog and i am just copying this. Then where they paste this copied article, there this text will be automatically pasted. They even don’t see what is going to paste and published, from this trick you will also get a back-link when some one read his blog post and knew that he is copying other article then he will surely click on your URL because he want to know that this article is really awesome then the other article  will must be excellent. You will get a back-link and ping and also a visitor that will increase your ranking and revenew too.

How To Do This?
This all with happen with just a single code (JavaScript) that are so easy to embed into your blog and site because you did not have to add this code in all of your post, you have to add this only in your template and this will be automatically applied on all blog post. this code is quick to load and easy to integrate. So without any more information we will took you to the awesome code and tutorial to follow.

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    Nice post and i’m goin to follow this

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