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Top 7 Functions You Need In A Security System


Security systems are an important part of any building or home. They help keep people safe and provide a sense of comfort during the day and at night. They also protect property by deterring would-be thieves. If you’re looking for a new system, then it’s time to learn about the top 7 functions you need to look for.

1.) Motion Detection:

When it comes to security systems, motion detection is one important function. There’s little sense in having one without proper motion detection because no action will be taken when someone tries to break in or enter the property. Just make sure that you pay attention to how sensitive the motion detector is on your chosen system, so it doesn’t go off just because a bird passes by.

Motion detection devices can be tied to the rest of your security system. Many homes have sensors that set off their lights to deter would-be intruders.

2.) Flexibility:

In the modern world, it’s impossible to predict what your needs for security may be in the future. That’s why flexibility is so important when you choose the right system. You don’t want to change your security system if you ever need it for another area of your home. Make sure you look for flexibility when shopping around.

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If you have two doorways in your home, you might want two cameras. If you want video surveillance of your interior, you may want the option to add more cameras. Most home security companies will offer packages of different sizes, but you can also shop around online to make your own ala carte security package.

3.) GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking is another principal function that many people are looking for today. With small pocket-sized products that allow you to track and find your personal items like your wallet, backpack, or even luggage, it is something to keep in mind. This feature allows you to track the system’s location and where it currently is at any given time during the day or night. This can help save a lot of time in trying to relocate lost items and keep you from calling the authorities when something turns up missing.

4.) Communication Options:

You also want to make sure your chosen system provides ample communication options, including both wireless and wired connections. You’ll want to be able to use any mobile device that you prefer to interact with the program. If anything should happen, make sure you can quickly log on and check out the area to see what’s going on.


5.) Memory:

You’ll want something that has high memory function as well. Often it is good to have a recording of the events that occurred on your property, whether it be something funny your kids did or some criminal activity that needs footage when reported, having the video is always a good thing. This function also lets you save footage to a computer, external hard drive, or you even have the option for offsite cloud-based storage if it’s needed for future reference.

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6.) Customization:

A security system that can be customized is another great option to look for. This allows you to set it up to fit your specific needs, rather than having to call a security contractor about different problems or issues constantly. You can easily add new features to a customizable system, and you should be able to make any changes that your heart desires.

If you are concerned about ground-floor windows being broken by intruders, you can ask about broken glass detectors.

7.) 24/7 Monitoring:

24/7 monitoring is another important function when it comes to choosing the right security system for your home or business. This allows you to rest easy at night, knowing that someone is constantly monitoring the system and will take action should anything happen.

These are the top functions of a security system that allow for ease of use, greater protection, and a greater sense of safety while you are away from home. Make sure to choose a good company that offers these features, and your home will be safe and secure all the time.

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