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How To Withdraw Money From Payoneer To JazzCash?

Good news for Pakistani freelancers and Payoneer users. Now you can attach your Jazz Cash Mobile Account with your online Payoneer account and can exchange money in PKR with ever best Transaction Rates as compare to direct Bank Transfers. While other banks takes around 2-3 business days while transferring whereas JazzCash will do it in seconds and minutes. There are some fees and limitations involved in this process nearly same as direct Bank Transfers that we will discuss below.
You have to Update your JazzCash apps in order too see the new link button. Also see JazzCash Charges.

Features Of Payoneer To JazzCash Transfer:

  • Minimum withdrawal limit to JazzCash is 1$.
  • Payoneer to Jazz Cash Exchange rate 154.61 (15-Dec-2019)
  • Payoneer to local bank Exchange rate 151.55 (15-Dec-2019)
  • Standard Payoneer charges 2% per transaction also applicable using JazzCash
  • Payoneer to ATM withdraws takes uptop 1100Rs over 20,000Rs withdraw so you can avoid this
  • You can transfer from JazzCash to Direct bank transfer. (One in a month free, rest charges)

Payoneer to Direct bank Transfers require min $100 while transferring where as Payoneer to JazzCash require min $1. This will be very helpful for low income freelancers of Pakistan who can not withdraw their income and wait till they reach their limits to withdraw in banks.


Drawbacks Of Payoneer To JazzCash Transfer:

  • Withdraw from JazzCash account will deduct chargers of different slabs.
  • 1000Rs from JazzCash to Cash will charge 20Rs.
  • Payoneer will deduct 2% of whatever you will transfer like on $1000, you have to pay $20 as charges.
  • Standard Payoneer charges 2% per transaction also applicable using JazzCash.
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Comparison Between Of Payoneer To JazzCash & Direct Bank Transfer:

Just for an example, please have a look on the below case study. You will find out yourself which one is better for you.

  • From Payonner $100 to JazzCash, Exchange Rate 154Rs x $100 = 15400Rs
  • Payoneer charges = 2%
  • Remaining amount = 15092Rs
  • Withdrawal from JazzCash, 20Rs charges on 1000Rs so 15092Rs – 300Rs = 14792Rs
  • OR
  • From Payoneer $100 to Direct Bank Transfer, Exchange Rate 151.55Rs x $100 = 15155 Rs

See what you got at the end for a big amount.

Common Errors:

1.) Your Request Cannot Be Serviced Due To Some Technical Reasons Please Retry After A Few Moments.

Solution: Wait for few sec, clear your form and submit your data again by restarting your Apps.

Last Words:

Its the latets feature released by JazzCash with Payoneer so it will have some bugs that will be solved along with the passage of time. Meanwhile you can try tour withdraws with little amount to keep your personal experience before withdrawing big amount. Also calculate everything in both ways that which one is better for you. Share your words and suggestions with us.

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