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To Commence A Business, Fastest-Growing Industries

Are you planning to start your line of business? Confused about which industry to choose which can be the most profitable for you, here in this article we will tell you about the fastest growing industries in which you can step in for your growth.

Among all the other places in the world, India is one such place that has seen a boom in the development of new industries. The business world here has evolved a lot and now we can see strong backend and partnerships in India too. Notwithstanding, which business you are planning to start getting all the additional info is important.

Let’s check out some industries which are the fastest growing industries:-

1.) Educational Industry:

As per the latest reports, the educational industry has seen a boom in recent years. After the coronavirus pandemic, a study has shifted to online mode and now most people prefer online studying as it is much beneficial and saves time. Many ed-tech companies like Byju’s, Unacademy, Educart, and others have seen a successful business since they have come to the market. Every parent wants to see their child succeed and hence they are ready to take such services.

According to the latest study it has been seen that the online education business has seen a massive growth of around 48% since the year 2017.

2.) Gaming Industry:

The gaming industry has been one of the most engaging sectors for years and will continue to be the same in the coming years. With the increase in high technology smartphones, gaming laptops, play stations, and others the gaming market is likely to see a great demand in the future also.

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In many popular games like Candy Crush, Pubg, Clash of clans, etc. the gaming industry is growing much more. However, the gaming industry has seen a great change since the year 1970’s as now games are played by everyone irrespective of age group. Other new technological changes such as improved graphic cards, more storage, sound system have made the industry more popular. Computer-based games are much more in demand as real-time gamers like to play on a PC which has a high definition and much better features than a phone.

3.) Digital Marketing Industry:

Nowadays Digital marketing is required in all sorts of businesses, small or big. With the growth of social media channels every business tries to reach its customers through the help of its social media accounts. All of this process requires Digital Marketing. Also, Digital marketing has become a booming career option amongst the youngsters as it offers a good field to earn and grow.

The latest report shows that a person spends approximately 4 or more hours in front of a mobile phone or computer these days. With the high usage of the internet and social media sites, the digital marketing industry has also seen a rise. Many top-notch and international brands hire a good and reputed digital marketing agency which would help them to promote their business. These brands pay a very high amount for the services they take. This we can say that having a digital marketing business can be a great choice.


4.) Fintech Industry:

Since the year 2016, the Fintech industry has seen a great uprise. The fintech industry mainly comprises digital payments apps, money lending apps, and other insurance-related applications. The younger generation who are much more tech-savvy has opened their hands and happily accepted this online related application as it has made life easier. This is the reason why the Fintech industry is likely to improve even more in the future.

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After the global pandemic, customers all over the world have accepted some money lending apps as they came as a rescue for many. Some major and most popular names in the fintech industry consist of Paytm, Google pay, Phonepay. These are the most secured and highly competitive applications which have completely changed the fintech industry.

5.) Food Industry:

In the 21st century, most people are preoccupied with jobs, work and feel tired to cook after work hours. They generally order food from outside to get relief from hunger. Casual dining and cafes have become a new trend. People appreciate good food.

People all over the world have widely accepted online food delivery and they order food from the comfort of their home. These days majority of the women are also working because of which they do not get enough time to prepare food. Thus ordering food from outside has become a quick relief. One can start a business in this industry as it promises high growth provided good food is served.

6.) Online Retail Business:

Nowadays, people all over the world shop from the comfort of their homes. According to the latest report, by the end of 2021 e-commerce business will rise even more. After the pandemic, people have accepted online stores and now buying things like groceries, clothes, food, furniture through online sites. It is important that while starting this business such a platform must be created through which customers can order simply from their phone to provide a smooth shopping experience.

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Choosing to start an online retail business can be a great idea because people are now choosing online shopping more than traditional shopping.

7.) Babycare Production:

With the increasing population, each day, baby heath and body products have been more in demand. Babywear, baby skincare products, toys are some of those items which are always in demand. The more the population increases, the more will be the requirement of these products. This it can be a great idea to invest in the baby care production business.


This was all about the fastest growing industries which one can think of if thinking of starting a new business venture. It is important to remember that success comes from a successful business plan. It is not enough to just start a business but to plan it most profitably. Also one should not forget to make your business card from the business card design agency.

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Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Business Card Design service, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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