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Critical Points Of Consideration While Choosing A SEO Expert

If you are thinking of hiring a SEO expert for either helping the in-house SEO team or fully taking charge of the total SEO effort, you must consider ruling out some mistakes. Be extremely careful about SEO consultant selection. If you choose the wrong professional, your SEO project could be in a terrible mess and it would be pretty tough and an equally expensive proposition to clear the mess afterwards. You could opt for a Google search and come across a host of SEO consultant options differing in experience, skill level and price. Here are some very useful tips for avoiding common mistakes associated with hiring an SEO expert for your organization.

Do Not Hire An Expert Based On Promises Of Keyword Rankings:

A number of unreliable black-hat SEO consultants would be trying to sell by promising keyword rankings. They would be sending a fancy monthly report demonstrating the keyword positions. But are these rankings of any value if they are not generating leads, sales and ultimately revenues for your company? Remember keyword rankings are of no consequence. ROI and revenue actually matter. It is vital to employ a SEO expert who understands and appreciates the numbers that really matter.

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Do Not Chase Unrealistic Expectations:

SEO is time-consuming. Do not get swayed by false claims of instant results. If anyone is promising super-fast outcomes, he is simply trying to impress you to grab the contract. A genuine and experienced consultant would be able to come up with an educated guess and not a guarantee about when you could see results coming in the form of increased traffic. This too is clearly dependent on your industry, goals, competition and most importantly, your strategy. Generally speaking, stay away from self-acclaimed experts who make false claims of instantaneous results as they are a sheer waste of money and time and pose threats to your website.


Do Not Get Swayed By Low Price:

Do not hire someone simply because his fees are the lowest. You would end up spending a lot more in the long-run if you do so. When you get involved in the SEO process, you realize that search engine optimization is actually a costly affair and spending a few hundred dollars every month won’t make any difference.

An experienced and competent SEO consultant could actually charge thousands of dollars each month. This primarily depends on the level of competition and specific campaign goals. In case you are unable to afford an experienced professional, you could consider joining SEO training institute for abridged courses. You could consider doing the groundwork yourself than hiring a cheaper and unreliable consultant.

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Do Not Consider Pre-Made Packages:

You should never purchase an SEO package. An effective and successful SEO campaign is actually cent per cent custom designed as per your website specifics and existing competition. Do not opt for cost cutting approaches; instead opt for customized options that are tailor-made as per your campaign objectives and your keywords. Pre-packaged SEO is actually hazardous and completely ineffective.

Do Not Trust Organic Search Traffic:

The worst decision would be if you get swayed by an inefficient consultant and rely fully on the organic search traffic. It would be shocking for you to see your traffic numbers disappear overnight for various reasons. Google might have rolled out some algorithm updates that have affected your website or a competitor website could have outranked you. Remember that it is just not possible for any SEO expert to predict exactly what a search engine would be doing next.

Jenny RichardsAbout the Author:

Jenny Richards is an experienced SEO consultant and is attached to a reputed private consultancy agency. She believes that joining a SEO training institute could help you in making smarter business decisions.

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