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7 Best Website Traffic Checker Tools In 2020

Do you want to know from which source your website is getting the backlinks? If yes, you must check this data with the help of a quality website traffic checker tool to develop your online mode’s promotional activity.

There are various website traffic checker tools available in the market whose help you can take to improve your brand image. From this article, you will get the complete details of the best backlink checker tools for your website that you can use for development. The best part of the traffic checker tools is it helps your brand understand your business’s current status in a short period.     

Best Website Traffic Checker Tools In 2020:

There are multiple website traffic checker tools available in the market. You need to choose the best one to help you develop your business in a short period. Therefore, let’s get into the details one after the other to understand it better.

1.) SEMRush:

It is among the best website traffic checker tools you can use within your calculated budget. It is currently one of the best keyword research tools that you can use to develop your business.

There are several other powerful tools that you can use, but in terms of affordability, this is one of the best tools that you can have. It will also help you understand the names of the domain that you want to investigate from your counterpart.

You can get an exclusive offer of 30 days of free trial to check the website status. The current price range of this tool is $99.95/month. If you are ready to pay the upfront money, then the price is $83.28 per month.

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2.) LinkMiner:

LinkMiner is developed for checking the backlink source of your website specifically. You need to create a Mangools account if you want to use this tool for checking your website traffic.

It will help you to filter the no-follow links that are deleted and lost. You can bookmark your favorite backlinks here so that you can use them later to understand the status of your website optimization. This will help you track the competitor’s backlinks and develop your business in the best possible manner.

This website offers you a free 10days trial offer. After the free trial offer is over, you need to invest $29/month. Hence, you will get the best services at an affordable rate. The only thing you need to manage is creating a Mangools account to use this tool.

3.) UberSuggest:

Neil Patel has created this website keyword checker tool to make a perfect website keyword research tool so that you can view the backlinks on your site. It will provide you with a complete website traffic report along with the news of the new and old backlinks. It will also offer you the report of do-follow and the no-follow backlinks.

You will also get 30days no question money-back guarantees if you are not satisfied with its services. The price you need to pay is $29 per month and $290/ year if you want to pay in the upfront money.

4.) Ahrefs:

Ahref is another most powerful keyword research tool or, better to say, a website traffic checker tool that you can use for getting the perfect status of your website. It will provide you a complete overview of the domain that you want to get from this website.

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You will also get the details of the 404 broken links details from here. There are only seven days of free trial available on this website. You will get $99/month after the trial period is over, and you will get $82/month if you pay the upfront money.

Hence, this is relatively cheap compared to other website traffic checker tools that you can use to view your website status.

5.) MozPro:

It is the most detailed website traffic checker tool that you can use to develop your website views and status. The Link explorer feature of this website will help you to get a detailed link to your site.

You can use this traffic checker tool to compare the profile up to 4 competitors’ profiles. You will get the 30day free trial, and it will give you full access to the tool. It will cost you $99/month, and you need to pay $79 per month if you are handling upfront.

Hence, you can get the best services from the MozPro if you avail of their paid services. The ultimate aim is to get the current status of your website performance in the most effective way. It will help you to handle the issues in a proper manner.

6.) BuzzSumo:

It will help you to analyze the quality of the content and the strength of your competitors. You will get the title ideas from here also. It will help you to develop the sites in the best possible manner.

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This website traffic checker tool’s current price is $99 per month and $79 if you want to pay it annually. You can also get seven days of the free trial from here to develop your business correctly. Hence, you need to select the right traffic checker tool to build your brand image in the market.

The keyword status is essential for checking the current status of your website. It will help your brand to devise the perfect blogging strategy for getting better search results.


Hence, you can get the complete details and your website’s status from the name as mentioned above of your site. The website traffic checker tool will help you to develop your brand image in the best possible manner. The most important thing that you need to remember here is the traffic that you can generate in a short period.

The more you can develop your site, the better will be your ranking in the search engine. You need to cross-check every time that you have set the right strategy for your business or not. It will help you to go to the next level of your business.

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