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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Marketing Automation In 2019

If you own a growing business, you’re probably aware of the many difficult tasks you have to complete in a week. These can include blast emails, social media posts, and various other marketing strategies. In order to manage your time better, consider looking for ways to increase your productivity and reach a wider range of potential clients. To achieve this, consider using marketing automation. Marketing automation can greatly help a business prosper during their growth by setting up automatic marketing processes to occur on a scheduled basis. For a complete guide of everything that a growing business should know about marketing automation, take a look at the information below.

What Exactly Marketing Automation Is?

Marketing automation is a form of coded technology that is able to automatically release sets of pre-planned material across various channels and methods of communication. These methods include the ability to target customers and potential clients through mass email waves, web postings, text messages, and social media sites. This ultimately increases a business’s efficiency and customer retention rates. The more individuals that are aware of your company and hearing or seeing posts about it frequently, the better brand awareness you’ll receive. This brand awareness is like a domino effect and can lead to a boom in business and the number of sales received.

Having messages distributed to your clients, mailing, and emailing list habitually will make your company prosper greatly. Both sales and marketing departments should be aware of marketing automation in order to reduce the level of work on their employee’s plates. By allowing the use of scheduled posts and mail to be released routinely on a scheduled basis, employees have more time to complete other tasks that they otherwise would not have had time for. This is great because it opens space for higher priority tasks to be completed. In addition to this, the rate of human error is greatly reduced, as a coded webpage is doing the work for you. Sharp Spring is one example of a marketing automation company that can provide your business with more efficiency. The larger your business grows, the more you should consider implementing marketing automation into your company.

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How Marketing Automation Works?

Marketing automation functions by collecting various information from your customer base and analyzing it to find useful statistics and information from it. Your customer data is filed in a customer database and can help you determine the best method of automated marketing approaches. Types of information that can be stored includes but is not limited to demographics like age and location, and common products purchased. After this information has been collected, it can now be analyzed and categorized. This helps you and your business form a more holistic view of each and every customer that you have in your database.

With the data that has been collected from your consumers, marketing automation can now take play. The various coded and intelligent software can look at the majority of this collected data and determine the best method of overall message distribution. Every individual receives a personalized experience, allowing your customers to feel explicitly addressed. Marketing automation can specifically tailor messages for your clients across emails, web postings, and social media.

While it takes some time to set up, marketing automated programs can significantly benefit companies in the way that they function. They are able to greatly streamline the process of marketing and allow for greater time spent on other important tasks. To set up your automated marketing program, choose the best program that suits all of the features you’d benefit from. These can vary anywhere from sending emails to promoting your company across social media sources. Always look out for what services are offered, as not all companies run equally.


How It Impacts The Customer?

Marketing automation can make each and every customer’s experience personalized and more beneficial. This can lead to higher retention and conversion rates across the board. Customers tend to like to see emails and social media posts catered to their needs and wants. Psychologically, people like to feel noticed. This is absolutely accomplished through marketing automation. Databases take information from the customer and use it while formulating email posts. Compared to individuals who do not receive any personalized information, those who do have access to emails that are individualized feel more acknowledged throughout companies. It allows customers to go grow closer to your business and therefore grow your retention base. If someone feels like they matter, they will keep coming back.

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The larger your company gets, the better it is to have more tailored customer experiences. If you have a small company, people tend to expect a personalized service. With larger businesses, customers tend to notice burst and bulk emails sent that may not relate to them. These can make a customer believe your emails or postings are spam instead of containing real, valuable, and useful information. To avoid having your customers ignore your emails, marketing automation can go a long way. The more your customers feel appreciated and understood in your business, the greater the number of quotes and orders you’ll receive. They are also more likely to refer other potential customers to your company. Personalizing messages through marketing automation can increase the amount of business you receive throughout time.

Can Anybody Use Marketing Automation?

Anybody who has a business can benefit from the use of marketing automation. Businesses strive and thrive on customer retention. In order to have the highest customer retention and conversion rates, individuals and customers who visit your website must feel like they have a personalized experience. Thankfully, with marketing automation, this is easier than ever. In this day in age, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a company. On average, it is recommended that companies use up to 12 percent of their gross revenue on marketing. This is one of the highest categories that money is allocated to, and for the right reasons. Marketing solely determines how your business will be seen and projected to the vast majority of people. If they get a bad vibe or feeling about your company, they are unlikely to keep purchasing from you.

To fix this, all companies should invest in marketing automation. All companies can benefit from marketing automation regardless of their size. Smaller businesses can benefit from these programs by allowing them to spend more focus on growing the business and developing a strong base set of customers. Larger companies can benefit from marketing automation because it allows them to reach each and every customer and give them a personalized, excellent experience. This will make your customers feel significantly more appreciated than if they just got a blast-sent email. In order to keep your business strong and growing, aim to have the best marketing automation program possible.

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Marketing Automation Fact Vs Myth:

Many people who run businesses are misinformed about marketing automation. This lack of information can cause them to avoid using this method of marketing. If this is the case for your business, you are losing out on valuable customer retention rates and growth rates as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths versus facts that are associated with marketing automation systems and technologies.

  • Myth: Marketing Automation is an inhuman and impersonal method to communicate with customers.
  • Fact: Marketing Automation allows for greater interpersonal connections and relationships between customers and those that run the business.

Some people may believe that marketing automation is another way to spam their customers and assume it will do more harm than good. Alternatively, marketing automation can strongly benefit your company. It provides you with the ability to send emails, texts, or social media posts that are tailored to each and every person in your consumer database. The use of marketing automation can save you more time when sending personalized emails, allowing you to allocate employee’s time in other ways.

  • Myth: Marketing Automation is all about spamming your customers with emails and messages.
  • Truth: Marketing Automation is a friendly way of communicating upcoming thoughts and events with your customer base without overwhelming their inboxes.

Marketing automation is a great way to provide outreach to your customers without overwhelming them with too many promotional and spam messages. This allows customers to not forget you’re a company they were once interested in, but it avoids pushing too much information on to them. This is the opposite of spamming and you as a business owner can determine what kinds and how many messages are sent.

Wrapping Up:

The use of marketing automation is a vital and necessary aspect for every business or company to partake in. It allows the sending of tailored and customized emails, text messages, web postings, and social media posts to everyone in your customer database. Regardless of what kind of business you have and how small or large it may be, this method of communication can greatly increase the retention rate and conversion rate you have with your customers. If you own a company, strongly consider using a marketing automation program to assist you with day to day processes.

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