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6 Credit Card Mistakes To Avoid During Lockdown

A Credit Card is an essential apparatus, however one that should be taken care of with alert. Credit cards can be of great assistance in getting to moment credit and altering momentary liquidity befuddles, particularly during dubious conditions such as the current one.

Be that as it may, absence of attention to their highlights can loan one of every an obligation trap, hurt FICO rating and deny one of some essential charge card benefits too. Utilize the time during lockdown to more readily comprehend what you have to capitalize on your card benefits.

Given the vulnerability of salary and business considering the COVID-19 pandemic, it has gotten imperative to re-take a gander at each monetary life part. This incorporates credit card installments and uses during the lockdown.

One should be exceptionally cautious about mix-ups concerning the credit card, say specialists.

Here Are 6 Credit Card Botches One Ought To Stay Away From:

1.) Purchasing What You Need Not Bother With:

As the lockdown facilitates, shops are reviving, and online business entries are beginning to convey superfluous things. You are probably going to want to shop intensely to compensate for the time during the lockdown. However, this sort of “vengeance spending” tends to be significantly simpler to go on a shopping binge equipped with a Credit card.

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Be that as it may, spontaneous spending can place a genuine imprint in your funds. “As individuals are telecommuting nowadays, a great part of the shopping is on the web. You should guarantee that you don’t become overzealous and over-utilize the credit card. Remain inside your spending plan. It fits not to use your card for extravagance things and spend just for fundamentals like clinical costs, service charges, protection premiums, and family unit necessities.

2.) Loan Moratorium:

In March, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) reported a multi-month ban on the reimbursement of all term credits due between 1 March 2020 and 31 May 2020. This ban is additional material to credit card bills. On the off chance that you decide on this ban on your Credit charge, you won’t be required to pay anything for a multi-month period, and the bank won’t charge any late installment expense.

Notwithstanding, before you choose this, you have to comprehend that banks will keep on collecting enthusiasm as standard on the remarkable sum. On the off chance that you make a new buy during this ban period, the premium will begin gathering right away.

This implies its finish. You will wind up with a massive bill, which will be hard to pay. In this way, on the off chance that you have the way to take care of your Credit card tabs, cease from settling on the ban.

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3.) Not Repaying Credit Card Dues:

It’s critical to take care of credit card obligations on time. Clients confronting trouble in reimbursing their credit card duty can consider profiting an individual advance instead, if accessible during the lockdown.

“They can likewise change over their whole remarkable equalization or a piece of it into EMIs. These choices accompany residencies of as long as 5 years, and with loan costs, a lot of lower than the accounts charges brought about on unpaid Visa duty. These alternatives will empower agreeable reimbursement of Visa levy in littler tranches as EMIs without bringing about the high funds charges,” clarified Sahil Arora, executive and gathering head, Investments, Paisabazaar.


4.) Withdrawing Cash From Credit Cards:

Another enormous no-no is – withdrawing money from a credit card. “Pulling back money from Visa can have shrouded charges, and it can pile on the last reimbursements to an exceptionally high rate, ” clarifies Kacker.

5.) Not Utilizing Reward Points:

Credit card reward focuses can be utilized for buying vouchers, stock, air tickets, and altering Credit card bills. As most Credit card reward focuses on accompany expiry dates, cardholders should watch out for the expiry of remunerations focuses and use its advantages.

6.) Losing Your Card Or Being Defrauded:

This probably won’t appear to be a colossal hazard since you are likely remaining at home, so the odds of losing your card is lower, yet on the off chance that you do wind up losing or losing your card, it may mean more difficulty than expected. Without appropriate reinforcement benefits, a substitution card may set aside a more drawn out effort to contact you.

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While most banks have a zero obligation strategy for Credit Cards, which implies you are not at risk of taking care of any punishment after losing your card, it’s essential to report a misfortune right away.

The possibility of being conned has gone up fundamentally since the pandemic hit, as fraudsters are thinking of new COVID-related malware and phishing applications to draw clients.


So it’s critical to be cautious when you execute with your card on the web. Another preventive step would be to check your bin. Be that as it may, it’s commonly simpler to recuperate any misfortunes because of extortion on a Credit Card than it is to recoup any accidents because of misrepresentation on a credit card than it is to recuperate misfortunes from your ledger. So it’s astute to utilize your Credit card rather than plastic or web-banking for such exchanges.

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