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4 Content Cornerstones To Make Your Marketing Dreams Come True

This year is the year of content marketing. Yeah, another buzzword. But, before you tune out, there’s something you should realize about 2015. You see, every year there’s a new online marketing gimmick. Remember link-wheels? Remember spun content? These things always danced around the issue that everyone knew was the real issue: quality content.

Finally, many businesses and marketers are realising what SEO is all about. You don’t need to jump on any bandwagon though. You just need to follow these 4 provable and proven cornerstones that have always worked.

How-To Content:

How-to content always works, and for one simple reason: people on the web are almost always looking to learn something. And, when they’re not looking to learn something, they’re looking to buy something.

Usually, they want to do both. How-to content is almost always geared toward non-buyers. In other words, the people you’re writing to aren’t yet in the market to buy something. But, they will be. So, think of this type of content as a “door opener.”

Make the content long (1,500+ words) and informative. Use specifics, studies, and cite professionals when you can.

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Shareable Images And Infographics:

Infographics aren’t just for large corporations with money to blow. These colour and data-enhanced charts didn’t die, but they’re fallen out of favour with a lot of marketers. Why? Because they became overused and undervalues. It seemed like everyone was making an infographic and the information and datasets were lacklustre.

But, this can be an incredibly effective form of content if you’re willing to spend a lot of time on the design and presentation. You see, the strength of infographics lies in the simplicity of the data, coupled with the presentation.

All good infographics contain relevant and useable statistics and information, rather than numbers for the sake of numbers. Take these examples from Fast Company.

The sleep schedules of 27 of history’s greatest minds – why would you be interested in this infographic? Well, if you’re a business owner, you might want to replicate those patterns. If it worked for them, it might work for you, right?

If you’re a politically-minded person, you might be interested in how many assault rifles the police received from the military. Or, you might want to know how your representatives in government spend their day.

Those are useful infographics. Make yours at least that useful, and it’ll automatically be shareable.

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Print Media:

Print media isn’t dead. In fact, augmented reality is just starting to take off. Companies, like, which sells replacement ink cartridges, survives by the fact that marketers still use QR codes, bar codes, and other printed material to augment or enhance online or digital offers and information.

Is there some way you can incorporate a special offer link to your website right on your business card using a QR code?

Social Media:

Social media is something most people are still talking about, but not many people really understand how to use. Social media is great for sharing content that others want to know about. So, your infographic and a cool piece of print material will work well here.

But, beyond that, social media is where your brand can be, well, social. Interact with people. Don’t try to sell. The “content,” as it were, is you – the owner.

John SollarsAbout the Author:John Sollars is the owner of which he started in 2002 and has reigned over since, so he knows a thing or three about printing. Oh and he likes golf, maybe mention golf to him when you see him. Whenever he has some time, he likes to sit down and share his insights online. Look for his articles on many small business and marketing websites today..

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