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Are You A Designer? Know The Guideline To Create Your Own Font

At the first step, you need to download software. In free access you can find a lot of programs for creating fonts, all of them have their benefits and limitations. If you just wanna have fun, create something special for your blog etc, there are few suggestions from me with a little description, make a choice and download it’s for free, let’s start working.

  • PaintFont: this software allows you to turn your handwriting in the digital Font by scanning a template.
  • FontStruct: in this program, you can create your own font by using geometrical shapes.
  • Metaflop: This tool allows you to customize some basic fonts, very simple in use.

Those samples just similar programs to get the basic knowledge, but if you want to go deeper and understand the technical side of fonts – read on. Also, you can pick up some unique fonts at

Create A Font In 3 Steps:

Step 1: Sketch

The first step it’s the most important thing in creating, you need to imagine the Font and realize how you would use it. We have a few standard questions which you should ask yourself before you start working. There it is:

  • Would it be used in different ways, or it’s creating for some specific project?
  • You need to use it in a large or small style?
  • Which Font type it would be: Serif or Sans, Serif?
  • Do you ever see fonts that can inspire you?
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If you answer those questions – let’s start onto your Font design.


Step 2: Paper Is Our Friend

The main mistake in creating a font is to start with a program. Mostly fonts tutorials recommend to use paper and draw a sketch before turn on your software. Without program knowledge not so easy to represent your vision on the computer, potentially it’s time-consuming.

Here some useful tips for drawing on the paper:

  • You don’t need to draw all of the characters, designers have the list of “control characters” and it’s usually “H”, “N”, “O” & “Y”
  • Draw the baseline and Highline to understand the size of your font.
  • Check out the other fonts to understand in which moment shapes are repeated in characters set.

To understand it better you can check out the simple tutorial by Tuts+

Step 3: Choose Your Software

All of the software has any benefits and limitations, you can read about them on the internet for better understanding, but I will give you a few samples with a small description. By the way, it’s free to download.


It’s open-source font editor with large guides database, it will help you in the design process. Design of program can look a bit intimidating, as soon as you get used to it, you will understand the potential of that program. It’s a powerful tool for creating basic Fonts.

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This program more intuitive then FontForge, so it may be a better decision for peoples who want to start their work immediately. You can start creating the Font from nothing, but you also can upload images to work with. However, while you can find some tutorials about this soft, BirdFont cannot offer you the same depth of support as FontForge.

Using the tutorials from these programs, you can learn how to create a font in a fairly short time. On the Internet, you can find a bunch of guides for creating quality fonts, what you should pay attention to and what to avoid. Think about the mood of your font, the look of the page as a whole, and how suitable it will be for the reader. We wish you good luck in conquering the next peak.

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