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How To Buy Cheap But Quality PBN Domains For A Higher Google Rank?

Having the top spot in Google search results ranking is what many blog and website owners wish to achieve. The reason is that the higher your rank is whenever someone search for your keywords in search engines, the better your chances of gaining quality traffic. Digital marketers use different techniques to achieve this. But if you want it the fast and easy way yielding excellent results, then you might want to consider buying Serpspace Domains.

PBN SerpSpace Domains:

Many consider Private Blog Networks as a black hat technique – and in a way, it is indeed one. Since owning and using PBN domains to rank up is like playing a game with search engine algorithms, one can get penalized once you get caught.  However, when you take advantage of SerpSpace domains and use them the right way, you lessen the risks of getting penalized by search engine giants like Google and earn maximum results. This is the power of PBNs.

Why You Need PBN Domains?

PBN SerpSpace domains offer tons of benefits to site owners. By owning authoritative and premium PBN domains, you can get instant quality backlinks leading to your business website. You know what that means – a higher volume of traffic, better chances of ranking up in search engines, increased online presence, and higher conversion rates.

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Another perk of owning SerpSpace domains is you can make some money once you no longer need them. You have the option to trade guest posts with other bloggers so they can get quality links for their site. You can also choose to sell links or the domain altogether.

Controlling  Domains/PBN Domains:

Like any other black hat techniques, if you get caught using PBNs, you can get a penalty. The great thing about PBN domains is that you have full control over the backlinks. If in case, you do get a link penalty, all you have to do is to revoke the link. You can do this by removing the link leading to your money-making website.


How To Get Cheap But Quality Domains?

Quality domains are essential if you want to be successful in getting fast, straightforward yet high-quality backlinks. However, with all the offers you can on the internet, how can you find the right one at an affordable price?

The thing is, when we go shopping, we look for quality products but at cheap prices. While there are some who offers good quality items at a lower cost, chances are, you’ll get only a good quality product out of the budget you can afford. However, we are talking about quality domains here. If you can only afford cheap domains, then make sure that you get the most out of your budget by doing it the right way.

The guidelines below will help you find good domains you can use for SEO:

Know The Characteristics Of An Effective Private Blog Network Domain:

Make sure that the PBN domains you’ll be buying will index in google, have high Majestic trust flow and a high Moz Domain Authority.

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Check If It Will Index In Google:

When you buy a domain, and it successfully registers on google, then you can be sure that it has not received a penalty from Google. How to check if someone already indexed a domain? Type in “” on Google’s search bar. The results should show pages on your domain.

Check For The Moz Domain Authority:

There are tons of tools and sites online where you can check the authority of a domain online. DA ranges from 0-100. The higher the domain authority, the better.

The recommended Domain Authority is 25+. These are usually rare and a bit more costly. You can choose a domain with a minimum DA of 15 – but make sure the backlinks on it are relevant to your business. However, if the links are not relevant at all to your niche, choose one with 20+ DA.

Check The Domain’s Majestic Trust Flow

This predicts how influential a domain is. It is based on the number of sites linking to a domain. The higher the trust flow, the higher the quality of the backlink profile is.

You’d want to find expired domains as these give your ranking in Google a boost. One needs a Majestic description to check top anchor texts and backlinks. A Majestic Trust of above 10 is a good start. Be careful with a domain’s majestic citation though if you find a domain with a majestic citation that’s higher than the trust flow, its best to move on and find another. The reason being it is a usual sign of spam.

Spam Check The Domain:

You can spam check a domain using Majestic. Look at the summary results that will register after using the root domain into Majestic. If you see more than 33% of the results showing up as another name instead of the anchor text, or any spammy anchors, then it’s best to move on. There is a chance that the domain already received a penalty for the anchor text is too high.

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Check The Backlinks:

If the domain shares backlinks to spammy websites and random sites or is full of comment spam, this is a clear sign that it is not a good quality domain.

Buy More Than A Single Domain:

Owning more domains is beneficial since it can be easy to lose your links in a span of a few months. However, owning more than 80-100 is already considered spamming. Aim for at least ten referring domains for good measure.

Know Where To Purchase PBN Domains:

You can buy quality yet cheap PBN domains in many ways. Some of are from domain auctions, domain brokers, expired domain marketplace or with the use of expired domains crawler. Some buy domains by back ordering those about to expire domain.

When buying PBN domains, make sure to check the backlinks, the domain authority and majestic trust flow. Maximize the power of link juice with quality SerpSpace domains. You can be sure the domains you buy are related to your business and has all the characteristics of an excellent PBN Domain.

Alex LopezAbout the Author:

Alex Lopez is an SEO Content Writer, Ghostwriter and Content Strategist for more than 2 years now. She believes that the creation of powerful, compelling and engaging web contents is one of the best ways to achieve your digital marketing goals. She also purchase SerpSpace domains for her blogs. When not working, you can find her enjoying a good read in libraries, watching her favorite cooking shows or traveling with her laptop in tow.

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