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Still Possible To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Still Possible To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Ever since the whole concept of making money online surfaced amongst people worldwide, affiliate marketing has always been the only and the most assuring way to be doing that. I’d like to add though, affiliate marketing does not at all guarantee an easy money without putting in huge amounts of efforts. Every business is a baby that you conceive and then nourish everyday for the growth. It is an ongoing process. You cannot expect not giving it the right attention for bearing fruits for ever.

80% of the people who try and go ahead with affiliate marketing give up in the initial few weeks. The very reason to this is that it is way more effort consuming and strategic than what a regular job may be. People fall back because of the demands that it requires and then to hide their own laze, tend to spread that it does not really give out much reaps. It is a hoax or a scam.

If you are looking at affiliating products on the web in all seriousness, repeat the following line in your head:

“As you sow, so shall you reap…”

Once you’ve done that, let me help you figure out a few points that you MUST NOT do if you really do want to earn out of all the efforts you’re trying to put into your campaigns.

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Table of Contents

1.) Honesty Matters:

You cannot fool potential buyers and you shouldn’t try to do so too. They won’t come back for your advice and you will be out of business.As an affiliate marketer,you need to judge a product wisely, take a stand and report. Be careful of your tone; is it that of an advisor and not a commander? Make sure it is this way! And to advise well, one needs to be unbiased so that customers can trust you.

Because if you give a biased judgement, the customer will obviously see through it when he/she gets the product . Subsequent commissions will not come your way. Look at pleasing your customer once so he swears by your words. Trust is equal to long term association!

This need for trust is why people look for reviews by other common people or look for rankings by existing users.They know these people will be honest as they have nothing to gain. Therefore if you want to stay in business, think long term, benefit others and ultimately yourself. All of this of course is achieved by strategically articulated content.

2.) You Are Not Superman:

Remember you have just one mind to control your work with. If you try to be in all places at one time, then eventually you will lose your head. Meaning, that do not be greedy enough to join every affiliate program you encounter. If you burden yourself, you will stress out. Therefore, take work wisely so that there is no risk to your health.

Still Possible To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

3.) Walk The Path Before Leading Others On It:

You will be confident about your work only if you take interest in it to be sincere enough to test before promoting it to others. Do not try and lure customers, without yourself knowing what you are talking of. And this surety will only come when you check firsthand before recommendation.

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For instance, if a customer’s inbox gets flooded with mails and he is disturbed with constant beeps of his phone, he ain’t coming back to you. So don’t be caught unaware. Check what you are offering.

4.) Make A Unique Tracking ID:

Make an ID on amazon so you can check your own performance. Only with analysis can you know where you are reaping what and so you can sow more where it benefits. Again don’t be unaware of your own work. One cannot grow without tracking their activities. It is simple – log in to your Amazon affiliate dashboard, click “Account Settings” at the very top on the right, then click “Manage Tracking”. Make this ID on amazon so make it now!

5.) Compare And Contrast:

Talk about more than one product. This will make the buyer analyse and give him the benefit to choose. Also for you as an affiliate marketer it will be profitable as you will affiliate more than one product.You will grow more aware of your work and know which product is best which can then be pinned to the top of the page.

Help these viewers who try and ask questions in the comments section. It is important for them to trust you as a human blogger and not as an article churning bot.

About the Author:
Sarah Gillespie has had a strong portfolio of blogging and compiling resources of great value. Her project on brilliant directories reviews was of great value to a lot of people.

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