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Entertainment App Development: Useful Insights You Should Know

Commonly, customers interact with mobile applications for two reasons: they’re looking for a solution or want to get distracted from work and have fun. Entertainment app development is a great way to entertain people while generating revenue.

In this post, we’ll consider how to build an entertainment app to benefit from, ways to attract customers to your product, and the most popular app media monetization strategies. You will also learn what type of entertainment application you can create based on real app examples. Let’s get started.

Top Reason To Build Entertainment App:

User-friendly and appealing mobile apps take care of user engagement, thus driving business growth. Let’s consider how entertainment companies can benefit from digital media solutions.

An Effective Marketing Tool:

All businesses require mindful marketing campaigns to stay on top, and the media sector isn’t an exception. Mobile applications will allow companies to drive various marketing initiatives constantly.

Brand Awareness:

Media apps are themselves brand promoters for digital agencies. With the help of mobile applications, you can remind customers of your brand without investing a significant amount of money in advertising. Besides, you can promote special offers to enhance user engagement with your entertainment platform.

Increase Sales:

The core purpose of all mobile solutions is to reach as many users as possible to convert them into leads. Entertainment app development is a great way to enhance the sales funnel to acquire more clients and make money. In addition, with modern OTT solutions, you’ll be able to broadcast your media content to audiences all over the world.

Up-And-Coming Trends:

The state-of-the-art technologies have changed the way users consume media content. You can create AR-, VR-capable devices to allow clients to use the entertainment app most beneficially.

How To Make Money With Entertainment Apps:

Here are three monetization strategies that dominate among entertainment applications. The information is taken from App Annie, a popular mobile app analytic tool.

  • Free apps. This category includes entertainment applications with an in-app purchase feature. The users need to acquire extra features, open-top levels in the game or pay for premium content. Then move to free applications with ads.
  • Paid apps. This type of app contains fascinating games and applications that enable users to transform their voices and include other functionality to edit audio records.
  • Grossing apps. This category encompasses apps with streaming features. Users are allowed to view various TV series, games, or movies.
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Analyze your target market and mobile platform your users prefer to determine what monetization strategy will work for your business. The obtained information will allow you to select the best monetization approach or even modify your project idea to engage a better niche.

How To Attract Users To Your Media App?

After you define your target audience, it’s time to proceed to an engagement strategy. It means that you need to figure out how to captivate customers’ attention before moving to the entertainment app development stages.

Entertainment applications are all about fun. They differ from, for example, enterprise apps since they don’t solve business-related problems. That’s why you need to develop unique and outstanding mobile solutions to meet users’ expectations.

Below I’ve prepared pieces of advice that will help you develop an entertainment platform.

Ensure Your App Works Seamlessly:

Before the app release, ensure it performs flawlessly. Otherwise, your users move to the competitors. In this case, the best option is to build a Minimum Viable Product. It’s an entertainment app with basic features that allow it to perform the main product functionality. MVP development helps you validate your idea, reduce time to market, and gather initial feedback without investing a significant amount of money.

Offer A Great First-Time Experience:

Provide the best first-time experience. The majority of users abandon apps if they don’t appeal to their design or they are confused about how to use them. That’s why it’s vital to provide an excellent first-time experience. Put yourself in clients’ shoes. Open your app and ask yourself: “Do I like my app?”, “Is it easy to use it?” and so on.

Make It Simple For Users To Sign In:

Some business owners underestimate the importance of the clients’ data collection. However, obtained information enables you to provide a customized approach in your entertainment application. The statistic confirms that users will quit the app if the registration procedure requires too much time and effort. The best option is to provide your customers with several ways to sign in:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Social media account
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Include Social Features:

The social media sharing feature is an additional way to acquire more users. Thus, it’s essential to make it possible for users to share their experiences and emotions with close friends and family. For instance, they can deliver content they’ve made in your app to their friends through Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram, post the game results on their social pages, and send an invitation link to various people. This approach will allow you not only to attract more clients but promote your product at no charge.

Steps To Build Entertainment Mobile App:

Let’s consider what steps you should follow to create a media application.

  1. First of all, you need to define what type of app you want to make. There are a lot of entertaining activities that can be performed with the app. The core purpose — amuse users. Conduct market research to understand your customers’ preferences and interests. Then, hire experienced software developers to bring your idea to life.
  2. Pay close attention to UI/UX design. Since such applications don’t aim to solve specific problems, the customer’s buying decision process will depend on received experience. The way consumers interact with your product affects their loyalty and the rise in new users.
  3. You assemble an in-house team or outsource the entertainment app development to one of the software agencies. Both options allow you to be involved in the process and make crucial decisions. However, full-time employees require additional expenses and a time-consuming hiring process. In the case of outsourcing, you entrust all the development peculiarities to the experienced vendors, focusing more on business operational tasks.
  4. After the testing phase is successfully fulfilled, it’s time to release your app. It’s better to start promoting your product even before releasing it to increase clients’ base gradually.
  5. Most entertainment app development companies provide ongoing support to ensure the media content is delivered to users regularly, including push notifications and the latest updates.

Entertainment Application Examples:

To help you build an entertainment app, I’ve rolled up a couple of examples of successful media applications.

Omap: App To Amuse In Poland:

The project idea belongs to two entrepreneurs from Latvia who wanted to create an app to help people find different facilities in Poland. The application has a web version, but it also runs on both iOS and Android platforms.

How Does The App Work?

Users can make an account using Facebook and start looking for sights or preferred places on the map. If customers can’t decide what places to visit first, they can check other users’ reviews. Moreover, if a person is new to the city, the app can create an optimal route to get to the chosen place quickly. Furthermore, the oMap offers users food delivery services.

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Ayoo Dance: For Community Of Dance Enthusiasts

The project’s core idea is to create a platform where dancers all over the world can show their skills and communicate. The app allows customers to chat, learn, and share their experiences with other participants. One of the most exciting features of the app is the ability of dancers to compete with each other. Suppose that’s why the platform captivates users’ attention.

Once a user opens the app, they can see different videos filmed by other dancers. For example, let’s say the dancer posted a video on how he danced the quickstep. If the person wants to challenge, they start shooting how they’re dancing the quickstep and make a duo. The other participants vote for the better dancer. Users can also share their videos with friends via social media or messengers and leave comments.

DRNK: App To Find A Mate

This is an iOS-based entertainment app that helps users to find a friend to have some drinks with. The project’s owners wanted to create a platform where people can meet, interact, and share drinks.

How Does DRNK Work?

Once users launch an app, they can sign in via Facebook. After that, they can explore the demo version of the app.

This app is similar to a Tinder-like app. The person can swipe left to reject and swipe right to invite a person for coffee or beer. Thanks to the geolocation feature, users can observe the people within their location. Moreover, customers can not only contact specific people but create communities of interest.

DRNK notify users whether the other participants are ready to have fun or they’re at home. Then, if the match is formed, a person can message to decide where and when to meet.

Summing Up:

Even though media applications don’t deal with business problems, entertainment app development still requires mindful preparation steps.  You need to conduct an in-depth analysis of your target audience, think through the exciting features, and hire a reliable IT vendor to transform your idea into a lead-generation platform.

Kate OrekhovaAbout the Author:

Kate Orekhova is a tech writer at Cleveroad. A writer by day and a reader at night, she’s keen on technology and innovations. Her passion is to tell people about the latest tech trends in the world of IT.

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