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Why 13377x Is The Best Search Engine In 2020?

Have you ever downloaded a movie or game from any torrent site? 13377x is such a torrent site that contains thousands of torrent files and magnet links. It is one of the most popular torrent sites and ranked third in the list of torrent sites in 2016. This site came into existence in 2007 and became popular after the ban of KickassTorrent.

Despite its wide usage and popularity, this site is banned from Google and you can’t access the site in Google search. However, this is now used as the main source of torrent files for downloading movies, software, and games. In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about 13377x.

The Main Feature Of 1337x:

There are several reasons that collaborate with each other to make this site one of the best torrents out there on the internet. Here are the most prominent reasons why people like using 13377x.

  • 13377x Is Unique: You can certainly ask as to why we are only focusing on this torrent site. The answer is very simple, this site has much more to give than the other torrent site you see in the market. It has one of the biggest collections of torrent files that cater to all kinds of searches.
  • Best UI: It serves its user with the best minimalist User Interface. So, it becomes very easy to navigate around the website in search of relevant content.
  • It Is Like A Search Engine: 13377x has one of the largest databases. The database is huge enough to be called a search engine. You can look for anything and there is a high possibility that you will get results every time.
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Why Is 13377x Search Engine Popular?

When people search for downloading movies from the internet they look for torrent sites. After the ban of many popular torrent sites like Torrentz, 13377x search engine comes to the rescue. This is one of the favorite torrent sites among the users because it offers a simple and easy to use interface without unnecessary advertisements and popups. It has become the most popular torrent site in 2020 and contains the list of highest rated movies of good quality torrent files.

Why Was It Banned From Google Search?

Being one of the top-rated torrent sites 13377x has earned a good reputation among users. Despite the fact, it was blocked from Google search. The main reason behind this is the previous homepage of 13377x was showcasing some of the banned torrent listings.

However, the new homepage can be accessed and you can download movies, your favorite games, and software using the torrent files from the site. Make sure to use a VPN for downloading such files to hide your IP address.


What Can You Download From 13377x?

There are several things that you can download from 13377x. It can be used for the following purposes.

  • Most IT people download software from the site.
  • For entertainment purposes, people download movies from this site.
  • If you are interested in games, you can use this site to download games.
  • It can be used as a proxy server for many sites.

When you enter into any of the proxy websites of 13377x, then you will get a search bar like Google in the middle of the homepage. There you can enter the name of the movie, game, and software to download it.

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Want To Download Movies From 13377x?

13377x search engine offers your torrent files of movies of different languages. You can use the website for downloading movies, music videos, etc. You can also download TV series from the site. Watching movies on a laptop also has a different charm. Many people love to watch movies on a laptop without any streaming.

You can download different types of movies from different languages and different genres. You can download drama, romance, action, and thriller movies in different languages and different locations.

Want To Download Software From The 13377x Search Engine?

As far now, you have known that you can download games and movies from different countries from the website. Now let us know what different software you can download from 13377x. You can download MS Office, WinZip, Camtasia, etc.

Want To Download Games From The 13377x Search Engine?

There are several games available on the 13377x search engine. If you want to download games from the website then here are some popular games such as Blood Borne, Dead of Rights, Car games, etc.

Benefits Of Using 13377x:

Because today everything has become online and you need to subscribe for the monthly or yearly package to watch movies, TV services, etc. There are several proxy websites for several countries. So using a VPN is a must while downloading movies from any proxy sites of 13377x.

Some of the major benefits of using 13377x for downloading movies or any TV series are as follows:

  • In case you lose your internet connection during downloading movies or TV series from the website then don’t worry. Whenever you get your connection, the downloading resumes from the same point where it paused. That is the main reason people download the file from the 13377x search engine.
  • Another reason is the speed of downloading is faster in the case of 13377x.
  • If you close the current application on which you download the movies still runs in the background downloading without any problem. It stops when you pause it from the application.
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Is It Good To Download Anything From 13377x?

There are many controversies regarding the legal use of copyrighted content from such sites. These sites work through a p2p distribution network where every member in the network is a distributor. Everyone has the same authority to share content in the network and this is against the centralized distribution of movies in the network.

However, using an original file from the owner can cost you several dollars and you have to pay some amount at each stage of the process. So most people use this as a medium for downloading movies and games.

Final Words:

Now you have understood about the working of the 13377x search engine and how to download torrent files from the site. As I mentioned above, the torrent sites are banned from the internet, you need to protect yourself using a shield. Never use these sites, if you don’t have a VPN that can shield your IP address from the internet service provider or from the server. Share your opinion on this, and recommend other torrent sites that you use for downloading movies.

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