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5 SEO Trends To Improve Your Google Search Rankings In 2017

SEO is the now the major factor in increasing traffic. Now here, I am going to discuss some best and important SEO trends that should know in 2017 in order to get what you want and keep uplifted Google rankings.

Important Note: Backlinking is one of the most important factors Google ranking. That is generally secured somewhere else so I have excluded it as another pattern here. Cutting edge third party referencing ought to dependably be a need!

The way to satisfying Google is to make thought-driving, conversational content that should cover with semantic and related keywords. But, the client experience must be the first concern.

1.) Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Features Of SEO:

RankBrain is another name of Google for its latest Artificial Intelligence machine learning algorithm, an innovation that is used to help handle indexed lists.

This algorithm uses machine learning: It is a computer’s capacity to show itself and enhance without human information. Yes, AI as we all probably aware it and though somewhat alarming.

The basic role of the rank brain is to filter through what it regards to be pertinent list items when a client enters or generally an unordinary inquiry.

Yes, this has been the situation for a couple of years now and we’ve all had it penetrated into us, however, RankBrain truly hits it home and the “brilliant age” of SEO dim expressions on Google is really dead.

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Search engine Optimization on Google is developing quicker than any time in recent memory and you should move your technique to oblige dynamically smart machine learning that looks for honesty.

Keep in mind to:

  • Research the latest topics of content thoroughly and find out the users point.
  • Apply the semantic keyword techniques.
  • Create good quality content.
  • Share all your content across all the important sources.
  • Ensure that your website is to navigate easily.

2.) Accelerated Mobile Pages:

It is indicated by latest studies that up to 60 percent of Google searches are come up with mobile. So no one can ignore mobile clients.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages are very easy to load and request a set of specialized criteria sites need to take after to accommodate this increase in speed. As of the distributing date, AMP is not yet an important ranking element, but rather it divides well to execute, for various reasons.

Google has now revealed that the speed of mobile and usability are essential indexing measurements and this will just turn out to be progressively common as more individuals utilize mobile for various searches.

3.) The Rich Snippet Will Increase SERPs:

We all should know that rich snippet is another important factor of Google ranking.  The good Knowledge Graph and Rich Snippets have covered the SERPs with outstanding content that incorporates bullet points, imagery, accordion-style elements and review stars that can be clicked and extended in that spot on Google itself.

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This sort of result can be accomplished by actualizing Structured Data markup on your site. Organized Data is regularly by and large alluded to as Schema or Microdata, albeit Rich Snippets and Schema really have distinctive implications.

4.) Voice Search Algorithm:

As voice recognition software like Goggle Voice, Cortana, Siri and Amazon Echo turns out to be more complex, a greater amount of us will start to use voice search to discover data.

The discourse acknowledgment error rate has diminished from 25 percent to 8 percent and the utilization rate of voice search has expanded sevenfold since 2010.

Matched with RankBrain, the most interesting side to this pattern is that Google will start to show outcomes about constructing more in light of client purpose as opposed to the face-estimation of words that are gone into the search bar. That implies keyword optimization will turn out to be more conversational in 2017.

5.) Articles Will Become Less “Epic” And More “Dense”:

As we know that “epic” and long blogs have turned into the go-to for accomplishing more natural real estate. It was found that the greater part of articles in the main 10 searches of Google were 2,000 words or more.

Individuals need more esteem per word and Google’s new portable record actually lean towards quick loading pages.

Our abilities to focus are getting to be distinctly shorter and Google is moving to suit. We are tired of reading 2000 words blog. We need our articles to be efficient and to the point. However, there is still space for long-shape content if it’s surprising.

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We’ll start to see shorter-shape content with a great content and thickness which means more data in fewer words.

To take advantage of this trend, always use Google’s tendency to rank quick pages; don’t be hesitant to trim a 3,000-word post to 2,000 or less and expel pictures or flavor components. That implies keyword enhancement will turn out to be more conversational in 2017.


Whether you’re an expert in Search engine Optimization, web designer expert, professional or responsible for general digital marketing, knowing the top SEO patterns for 2017 is basic for the change and support of your image’s Google rankings now and in future.

As said above, everything comes down to making exceptional content that contains semantic and related watchwords (in a casual, conversational tone).

At the end, I would say that the most important thing is to value your audience. Generate trust, attention, backlinks, social shares and top Google rankings.

Muhammad Qayyum AbroAbout the Author:

I am Muhammad Qayyum Abro, a lead news writer, blog writers, and Manager at the Standalone Installer. Writing is my passion and I love to write blogs and articles on latest technology. My passion is to help people on all aspects of Computer Terminology and latest trends and techniques in marketing, SEO, Technology, software etc. You can find my blogs on Quora, Storify, Life hacker and medium.

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