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How To Take Your Mobile App To Asia?

The Asian market is one of the most lucrative markets in the world right now. Aside from the large customer base, Asian markets also show higher user engagement and better customer lifetime value compared to other regions. This is especially true for digital products, including apps and digital services.

Despite the lucrative nature, Asian markets are also full of obstacles to overcome. Trying to take an app or a digital product to Asia is not without its challenges. To help you get started with breaking into some of the most appealing countries in Asia, here are the basics you need to cover.

Understand The Specific Market:

Asian market is a broad term. When you look into the different markets in Asia closely, you will see that users in different countries have different expectations, different habits, and different takes on apps and digital services. In countries like Indonesia, for instance, users seek apps and digital products that offer the kind of user experience they like.

These specific details must all be taken into account as you plan your expansion to Asia. In certain cases, you may have to adjust the app or the product itself to better suit the targeted Asian markets. You also need to approach the markets of your choice with care; using one marketing strategy for the entire region isn’t going to cut it.


Rely On Local Insights:

Speaking of marketing strategy, there is also a need to be very personal when marketing apps and digital products to Asian customers. While you can get a huge user base with an app that solves specific problems, the only way to retain that enormous user base is by building an emotional relationship with your users.

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This is where working with local marketing agencies come in handy. Look at big brands and you will see that they maintain separate social media accounts and marketing campaigns for different countries. They rely on local agencies to provide them with insights and suitable marketing strategies.

When trying to engage users in Thailand, for example, working with the best internet marketing Thailand company is the best way to go. You can get services and years of experience in handling local campaigns, so you know your Thailand-targeted campaigns always use the right phrases (and language) while capitalizing on local issues and preferences.


As mentioned before, the term Asian market is very broad. The best way to truly conquer the region is by taking it one step at a time. Even South-East Asia is too big to tackle in one go, especially with users in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia having their own preferences.

The right approach is compartmentalizing your Asian expansion. Focus on one or two countries at a time and direct resources to ensure success in those countries. Once you have a strong customer base in the target country, you can move on to the next one and repeat the process.

Despite the challenges, expanding your product reach to Asia is a good thing for the company. There is an enormous amount of opportunities to grab in the region; how you capitalize on those opportunities is entirely up to you.

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