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A Step-By-Step Guide: How To Run A Contest?

Do you know how to run a perfect contest? Is it true that you are considering propelling a giveaway however aren’t precisely sure how to go about it?

Regardless of whether you’re a small business or a large one, you should have a contest management software to run a contest. Contests give boosted cooperation that can drive traffic to your site, generate new email leads and (if you have a total crusade technique) make deals.

I’ve seen a ton of organizations utilize a contest technique with resonating achievement. I’ve additionally observed epic disappointments. This article will give you a well-ordered guide on the best way to run a contest, with five significant advances you have to take.

1.) Know Your Goals And Target Market:

You’ve likely heard this a million times. However, I’ll state it again: To run a successful contest, you have to know your objectives.

There’s no deficiency of procedures for how to run a contest. In this way, drive your prosperity by characterizing the results you need. Your contest’s objectives should be lined up with your business and marketing objectives.

Here Are 8 Top Contest Objectives:

  1. Drive more traffic to your site
  2. Increment buzz around your brand or new product dispatch
  3. Generate new email leads
  4. Create customer relationships/convey an incentive to customers
  5. Gain quick deals
  6. Increment commitment levels via web-based networking media
  7. Get user-generated content (from photograph/exposition/video contests)
  8. Gain insight into prominent products

2.) Pick Your Contest Type, Details And Prize:

The subsequent stage in our “how to run a contest” technique is to plan out your crusade subtleties.

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Pick The Right Contest Type:

There’s a ton of sorts of contests you can have on your blog or site. I’ll lay out a couple of the contests we offer here at Wishpond:

  1. Sweepstakes – These are the most straightforward for individuals to enter, and to win. The prize is vital to getting bunches of individuals to join.
  2. Vote Contests – These additionally have a low hindrance to entering (so you’ll get more members). Give customers choices to vote on, and to be heard by your organization!
  3. Photograph Contests – These contests have a somewhat higher hindrance to entry, as you’re requesting individuals to give you their photographs. They’re a ton of fun and can get you massive amounts of user-generated content (UGC) (read genuine marketing photographs).
  4. Article Contests – These, for the most part, ask somewhat more from members. You’re requesting that individuals compose a couple of words about a subject you pick. Make the point brand related to getting more input from entrants, or get more brand awareness.
  5. Video Contests – These request that your entrants make a video and submit it to you. Like a photograph contest, video contests can be a ton of fun, and you can get bunches of UGC, and even some customer insights! Incorporate a voting element to get more individuals connected with video contests.
  6. Coupon Offers – These are anything but difficult to enter, similar to the sweepstakes. They give your business prompt deals. If you don’t know which kind of contest you need to run, give one a shot, or evaluate a couple, and see what works best with your business and target market.

Contest Details:

  1. You’ll need to realize your contest subtleties, for example,
  2. The contest begin and end dates
  3. How much of the time you’ll run contests (the week after week contests gather speed)
  4. The principles of the contest
  5. Entry methods (email, or email and name, and so on.)
  6. Where you’ll have it ( Facebook Page or a site point of arrival, or both)
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The prize is overly imperative to how successful your contest will be. You need an offering that will spur your customers to endeavor to enter.

Pick a prize that is:

  1. Brand or product-related
  2. Something that you realize your target market wants
  3. With regards to the “ask” of your contest

Get these means right, and your contest will get you bunches of entrants who are potential customers. For instance, don’t only give away the most recent iPad and hope to get members who are keen on you. They’re entering for the prize. Give away business gift cards, your most recent product, or something remarkable and cool to your business. Keep them in the budget, as well.


3.) Manufacture Your Contest:

You have the hypothesis set up. Presently it’s an excellent opportunity to act. Construct your contest.

  1. Make your marketing life a ton simpler: utilize an online networking marketing application. There are various contest applications out there, yet I’m one-sided, so I’d recommend you use Wishpond. No other platform has the email apparatuses we do which make the change of contest entrants possible.

In any case, enough about us.

Fundamental Elements Of A Great Contest:

  1. Eye-catching title: make it short, with clear Calls to Action. Incorporate your prize and even your business name. Model: “Enter to Win $250 from Sneaker Store.”
  2. Entry subtleties and principles: compose how to enter, and any standards you have to incorporate
  3. Picture: Preferably incorporate a great view of your prize as the principle contest photograph
  4. Contest subtleties: Enter where you battle will show up, entry methods, period, and so on.
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4.) Promote Your Contest:

When you have your contest up, you must get individuals to enter. Market it through internet-based life channels, and even disconnected as well.

Here’s a couple of tips to give a lift to your contest achievement:

  1. Add a flag to your site: Put a pennant on your landing page, with clear CTA’s, and direct connect to your contest greeting page. Demonstrate your prize and how to enter. Here’s a flag model from TravelBIG:
  2. Send an email impact: Email your customer email records, and advise about their magnificent opportunity to win. They’re the one destined to enter first, and they’ll likely impart to companions, as well.
  3. Promote the contest on informal communities: Share your game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and some other interpersonal organization you’re on. Urge your followers to share your contest as well.
  4. Make advertisements: Make targeted Facebook promotions. Look at How to Ensure a Successful Contest with Facebook Ads for more.
  5. Market your contest in print: If despite everything you market utilizing printed materials, promote your contest along these lines. Use printed flyers, with QR codes connecting legitimately to your contest. Make a newspaper advertisement with your contest.

Code WilsonAbout the Author:

Code Wilson is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Contest Management Software Services. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

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