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4 Digital Tactics To Empower Your Sales Team

Your sales team is one of the most important facets of your business. Without new sales, your company will not succeed. It really is as simple as that. The sales team needs to help foster return customer business as well as to uncover new potential clients for your company’s products or services.

In our current digitally enhanced world, there are many new opportunities that can help your sales team become better at identifying prospective customers and actually closing the deal with more regularity. Failure to take advantage of the available technology can leave your sales team floundering and struggling to keep up with the competition. It’s in your company’s best interests to use all the tools at its disposal as it strives to gain a competitive advantage.

We will now explore 4 digital tactics that your sales team can use to help them do a better job of growing your business’s customer base and increasing your company’s bottom-line.

Tracking Potential Customers:

Keeping track of potential customers is important to developing a sales strategy that achieves results. Monitoring and tracking website conversions can play a key role in determining the success or failure of your current sales plan and make intelligent changes to improve its success rate going forward.

The question then becomes how to track leads in a systematic way that lends value to your sales team. Conversion tracking is a tactic that can inform you as to the viability of your website and the customer conversions that you are attempting to deliver. LinkedIn offers a streamlined process for conversion tracking that allows you to tailor your sales and marketing strategies over time by understanding how your website’s visitors are interacting with your site.

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Maybe there were certain terms that attracted more customers due to higher search volumes. Maybe your vistors loved the page they landed on, but bounced as soon as they got to other portions of the site. Maybe the landing page you though wasn’t going to perform well is blowing the others out of the water. All of these insights can really turn a marketing campaign on it’s head, and it all comes down to tracking your customer interactions.

This tracking application allows you to optimize your targeting and content by analyzing past results and modifying future campaigns. Determine which audience segments are returning the best results and tailor your sales pitch to bolster those segments and attract prospective clients with different characteristics. Ads can even be compared to advise you of which are most likely to be successful in the future.


Online Advertising:

In the current business climate, to ignore online advertising is a sure road to ruin for your enterprise. With more consumers using online services than ever before, the Internet provides an opportunity to advertise your business that you must use to your company’s advantage.

Social media networks are a prime place for online advertising. An excellent tool that is integrated into a very popular social network is the LinkedIn Ad Manager. The application is called Campaign Manager and enables you to get up and running with online advertising in a very short period of time. With over 450 million members, the LinkedIn social network affords your company a large audience made up of professionals from many fields.

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This online advertising platform has many features that make it easy to optimize your online advertising. You can choose from a variety of advertising formats to create an ad that will speak to your target audience. After creating your ad, you define your ideal audience by selecting from a variety of criteria so your ads reach your desired targets. The ability to analyze the success of your campaign is part of the tool’s feature set, and you can set a budget on cost per click, cost per impression, or cost per send basis.

Integration Of Sales And Marketing Teams:

The fact is that it is hard to close deals these days. Buyers are more informed and have more purchasing options at their disposal. You cannot afford to have a disconnect between your sales and marketing team that might negatively impact your ability to close a big deal.

Software solutions exist that can help integrate your teams and avoid the problems that can arise from two teams working in different ways to achieve the same purpose. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one such tool that is designed to assist your teams when working on the LinkedIn platform. It integrates with the aforementioned Campaign Manager to give insight that allows marketing directly to prospective leads generated by the sales team.

One of the beneficial features of the navigator is the inclusion of an API so the tool can be integrated with sales tools developed by many other vendors. Data validation is another feature to more fully integrate with your CRM systems and alert you to the changing status of your contacts. A mobile app is included when you use the system for easy access at any time.

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Build An Online Library Of Information And Resources:

Customer empowerment has put much of the final decision-making process in any sale directly on the customer. Providing your customers with a variety of digital sources from which to make informed purchasing decisions is an important tool to help drive your team’s successful sales initiatives. Some examples of how digital information and resources can help build your business are:

  • Publishing white papers, case studies and informative articles that help potential clients understand the benefits that your product or service will provide. Having multiple case studies available to be read at your customer’s leisure can be a more successful strategy than attempting to communicate the same information in direct meetings.
  • Building a website that is responsive to your clients’ needs and provides education on your offering as well as confirming your sales claims.
  • Regularly updating the digital store of information and alerting potential customers through email communication as you attempt to guide prospects to become satisfied customers.

These are a few of the tactics that you can use to better equip your sales team to grow your business by closing more deals. Take advantage of these technological tools or be left watching from the sidelines.

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