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Marketing Strategies Every Startup Can Use

Everyone knows that a good business starts with good Marketing strategy and continues with good management. Depending on what your activity field is, you need to know that your business needs to adjust to the market from the very beginning. Therefore, you need to plan a strategy in order to sell your products or services to the best market price depending on the targeted public.

Starting a business can be a great achievement or a disaster. It’s all in your hands or, if you have a generous budget, you can let others deal with it.

Beginning Of Startup Marketing:

Your business is well related to the consumer’s needs. Having a product or offering your services to customers can be tricky and satisfying as well. You can start by creating that thing that will go viral quickly or you can offer your customers products that will make them recommend you to others without even asking them to. It is said that one happy customer can bring other 2 when 1 unsatisfied customer can drive away 10 potential customers.

Measuring up the likelihood to recommend your startup can be done by using online platforms just by asking a question like: “on a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend our product to a friend?” The other way is to monitor your income and make some statistics of how much it grew on a period of time.

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If things are not as you predicted in the first place you need to see why potential customers are not converting in real customers. This can be done by asking them what they need or what is missing from what you’re offering. And this is something that needs to be done permanently by improving your marketing approach.


Paid Media Marketing:

As written earlier this is one of the methods that you can use to get your business rolling. Even though many people might disagree with this strategy due to the belief that a startup needs to spend as little as possible on marketing, this might be a good solution if you do the math well and focus on a positive ROI (return of investment).

Online advertising can be so different these days and you have many to choose from. Some of the media channels that you can use when planning the marketing strategy are: Facebook, Twiter, Reddit, Linkedin, etc. or you can do affiliate marketing.

Earn Your Media Marketing:

Doing something remarkable can make everybody (customers, press, etc.) talk about you. Usually it takes a good innovative thing to be done in order to be noted by people. Also creating a product that blends on the needs of the customer is a gold mine. Just think like the customer (what do you need? what do you want?). Meeting important people such as movie stars, or opinion makers, or any other important members of the community (physical or virtually) can increase the trust of others in your products. These are simple and effective marketing ways of increasing your business potential.

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Own your Media Marketing:

This is no simple task especially if this is your first business and had no other extra work activity before. Some of the startups are new business owned by people that are already involved in other activities. Some of those people have already created the necessary resources to develop and raise another business. There for the startup is actually sustained by a business, personal blog, marketing advantage of being a byproduct etc.

Building a useful blog requires to write about what customers want to read. You might need to write at least 100 articles and only after that you can start understanding how things work. Even if it doesn’t sound good sending an email can trigger the curiosity out of potential customers, all you need to do is to tell them something they’ve missed when they visited your store. If your product requires little time to be created than you might take in consideration that it will be easy to replicate. In this case your product is not as exceptional as you might think.


If you read this you should know that nothing in this article is exclusively correct and you need to do your own experiments in order to conclude what is correct and what is not. Also take in consideration the fact that all the industries are under the technology evolution and we need to adjust quickly in order to keep up.

Alex NorwoodAbout the Author:

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I am Alex Norwood, a traveller, blogger and big sports fan from London. I write about blogging, marketing and travelling and always try to improve myself as a writer. Find more about my latest projectshere.

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