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Own A Small Business? How To Better Market Your Services Locally?

If you own a local business, it is vital to market effectively to your local market. The great news is that there are many techniques that you can use. Here are some ideas to think about to market to your local market.

Be A Guest Speaker:

Many organizations need guest speakers, and this is a great way to introduce your goods and services to local people. Think about civic organizations like the Kiwanis, Lions and Masonic Lodges often look for speakers. Often times, speaking to classes at school or in youth organizations can have an awesome effect as people want to know that you are taking care of tomorrow’s leaders. When you speak to these groups, then make sure you have plenty of business cards, flyers and other types of marketing on hand for people to take with them. They may even help you spread the word to other people that they know.

Become A Local Expert:

Local news organizations are always looking for ways to put a local angle on national news stories. Offer to become their local expert in your niche market. If you hear a national story, tip off your favorite news reporter. Do not forget that there may be local news magazines that would love to publish your written work if it ties to a subject matter they think their audience would be interested in. Local radio stations often have hours where they produce localized segments, pitch an idea to them.


Consider SEO:

While it may be difficult to win the internet war for big search terms like heating and air conditioning repair, you should definitely consider using long tail keywords that include the city name of areas that you service. You should also consider using locations as keywords. For example, Logan A/C & Heat Services Inc. uses locations like “Hilliard, OH” and “Lewis Center, OH” as just a few of their keywords.  This is made obvious by their listing all of the locations that they service in. By doing this, companies are able to target individual communities rather than just a state or a big city. They are more able to target the suburbs and rural areas as well.

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Use Social Media:

You are an expert on where you live, so let it show on social media. Promote good things about where you live. Share bite-size pieces of news about your industry. Let people feel like they know you. Let your local audience win free stuff from you. Concentrate on the type of social media where your audience is found.

There are many ways to market as a small business. You these ideas, your local knowledge and your own creativity to create a plan that works for you

Hannah WhittenlyAbout the Author:

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys writing about every type of subject, including business and marketing. As mentioned above, Hannah recommends looking at the site of Logan A/C & Heat Services Inc. as an example of location keywords to help with your business marketing strategy.

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