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E-Commerce Sites Can Promote Brands And Drive Sales By Harnessing Instagram’s Marketing Potential

To make rapid strides in online marketing, you have to exploit the immense powers of the social media platforms in creating massive outreach. Almost every marketer practices it for getting direct access to larger sections of the audience that can boost business. The e-commerce websites are no exception in this regard, and it is therefore not surprising to see that the major e-commerce players spread their wings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar platforms. According to the latest trend in choosing the most aggressive marketing platform on the social media, marketers are heavily choosing Instagram that has tremendous buying power, which keeps skyrocketing.  It will not be wrong to say that Instagram is miles ahead of its competitors in attracting marketers who benefit from it immensely.

Although Instagram users have touched the 800 million mark, it is still behind Facebook and YouTube. However, considering the tremendous growth rate that it is experiencing, currently it is growing at 357%; it pales the growth rate of its competitors like Facebook (57%) and YouTube (50%). With more and more people flocking to Instagram, it is time for marketers and e-commerce operators to use the platform aggressively for marketing.  Looking beyond the number of users, there is another factor that makes Instagram very lucrative to marketers. It is the attitude of the Instagram users.  According to a survey, 72% users make a purchasing decision based on something they have seen on the site. Therefore, Instagram is a safe bet for marketers provided they know the right way of using it for marketing. Read on to know how you can do it.

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Garner Wide Following:

Since wider outreach is the primary motive of being on Instagram, you must chalk out the right strategy for generating followers on the platform that become your asset. It is not difficult to attract followers by taking a methodical approach to presenting attractive visual content that they find interesting and stay engaged. The approach is similar to the way you grow organic traffic in SEO. However, this method would take time to create a sizeable number of followers.  To attract followers speedily, you can buy Instagram followers and likes by availing the services of companies engaged in creating followers for their clients. Simultaneously, you should take up the following promotional measures that would help to accomplish your marketing goals.

Optimize Your Instagram Account:

Setting up an Instagram account is easy but to use it for marketing you must optimize it properly. Do not use your personal Instagram account for marketing but set up a separate one for it. The entire focus of the account should be business-centric with everything related to business appearing on it, and you have to optimize it to serve the purpose of business.

  • Link to the website – The steps in optimization would include a link to your e-commerce website in the bio, which is the only place for it, under your name and description so that the visitor gets a cue to visit the targeted landing page of the e-commerce website.
  • Attractive bio – Make the bio or profile interesting and informative so that followers get hooked to it right from the beginning. It must encourage them instantly to start following you for which the bio must convince them about the value that you would pass on to them through the content. Concisely describe what you do, keep it interesting and light and keep away from a typical sales tone.
  • Be consistent across platforms – Stay consistent with the business name and photo so that it relates closely to your brand or becomes a brand by itself. Your identity should be the same across all other social media platforms where your business appears.


Create Interesting And Relevant Posts:

Capitalize on the visual powers of the Instagram platform and create content that is interesting for viewers and conveys value to them. The most important thing you must understand is that the shoppers you come across on Instagram must stay attached to you until they purchase by visiting your website. The content must be capable of retaining the interest of users and keep egging them through the purchase funnel.

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Keep away from hard selling as it can annoy users.  Instagram is not a platform that creates a marketplace.  It is an assembling point of potential customers whom you must nurture and drive towards making a purchase later on your website. Take the route of appealing to Instagram’s social culture that creates a close connect with users who would find enough reasons to follow you, advocate your products and play the role of influencer and go along all the way with you so that you can achieve your business goals.

Use professional photos for a promotion that bear the marks of creativity and capture the finer details of products that carry more value and impress users.  Almost 67% users rely on detailed images over text when they make purchasing decisions.

Exclusive Offers Aid Promotion:

Since 41%, Instagram users keep a close watch on special offers, bonuses, and announcements exclusive to insiders and other perks; offer them the type of incentives they would like as it would help the promotional campaign to gather momentum. By using the text overlay feature, you can use the photos for promoting your products with offers like discounts and special sales without being too loud about selling. You would find several free apps that let you creatively impose the text on photos.

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Give Heads Up To Followers With Hashtags:

As Instagram feeds keep changing very fast, you must take measures to increase the shelf life of posts by using hashtags for the posts. Hashtags help to create a bunch of your posts linked to communities that remain bound by keywords so that the posts are easy to discover sometime later.  Ensure that every post has at least one hashtag.

As you set sail on your Instagram journey and taste the initial success, keep measuring your progress so that you can keep growing.

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