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Protecting Document Data To Comply With International Regulation

Advanced developments in the field of technology have initiated even further complications in the arena of protecting and safeguarding digital document data. The scale at which information is being shared and gathered has grown exponentially. With the help of technology, both public authorities as well as private organisations can now access and make use of classified data on an unparalleled scale in order to pursue their actions. At the same time, companies, private citizens and individuals also employ confidential information that is available worldwide and on a global scale for their use.

Although there are a number of federal policies and foreign measures that have laid down legal frameworks for managing confidential information, it is important to build data protection processes which distinctly deal with the use of companies’ personal information.

Under extremely stringent conditions should data be gathered and lawfully treated for authorised intentions?  Systems and individuals responsible for data processing, also known as data controllers, must abide by specified guidelines, such as the requisite for unequivocal permission by the data subject – the person whose personal information is being used – in order to be permitted to employ the subject’s personal content.

Reinforced data protection rights render data subjects’ greater dominance over their personal information.  These include:

  • Smoother access to their stored information.
  • Better and elaborate data about what takes place with their personal information once they choose to distribute it; data controllers should be absolutely clear on how their personal information is being managed, for instance by communicating to subjects about their privacy policies in simple and easy-to-understand words.
  • A perquisite to complete deletion of personal information, empowering any individual, for instance, to necessitate that a service provider get rid of, without hesitation, personal information gathered when the subject was a juvenile.
  • A perquisite to motility enabling effortless dissemination of personal information from one service distributor to another.
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Boundaries to the application of ‘profiling’, i.e. pre-programmed treatment of personal information to evaluate personal facets, for instance, conduct in the office, monetary state of affairs, wellness, personal orientations etc. So that compliance costs are reduced, a data controller can determine risk degrees and install criteria according to those levels, only on the foundation of a risk assessment involved in the processing of personal information.

Enhanced duties and accountability of data controllers is likely to enhance abidance with new data protection laws. It is important that appropriate security measures be enforced and furnished by data controllers without hesitation, in addition to notification of personal information infringements to the regulatory jurisdiction as well as to those greatly impacted by the infringement.Data subjects, in addition to, under specific considerations, data protection establishments can place a charge with a regulatory jurisdiction or opt for legal redressal in cases where data protection guidelines have not been abided by.  Moreover, when such cases are substantiated, data controllers can be fined over €1 million or 2% of their worldwide yearly turnover.

As “privacy by design”, “rights to be forgotten” and other progressive regulative constructs continue to advance, it is evident that legislative bodies, controllers and courts of law in the region also need to become extremely practical and seasoned in how they cover privacy issues, with a pronounced drive towards more impenetrable ordinance and more extensive explanations of current polices.

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Rafe ZetasciAbout the Author:This article was contributed by Rafe Zetasci from Locklizard, a DRM providing company. They provide products related to PDF security.He is a freelance technology writer, currently he is associated with Locklizard, a DRM solution company. They provide products related to PDF security.

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  1. Digi says:

    You can save the document in PDF and then protect it from there. Click on the icon to edit text and images at the right top of the pdf document, protection, restrict editing and then put in your password. They will not be able to convert that pdf into a word document or copy it.

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