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Top 7 Reasons Why Google Suspends Your Local Listings With Solution

Business listings are very important for the success of every online venture. We come across various Google My Business Page Suspended on the very first search page and this makes us wonder how!!! Well, there are reasons local business listings are suspended by Google. And this post talks about these reasons which will help you ensure great Google Business Listing. So read on and know the reasons for Google Suspended Local Business.

Types of Suspensions by Google

Let us first know the types of suspensions by Google:

1.) Soft Suspension:

If you see a suspended label on your Google My Business with no ability to control your listing. Your listing will be appearing on Google, Google Maps etc. In this case, creating new Google account and re-verifying is the solution.

2.) Hard Suspension:

This is a serious condition. It means your complete business listing has been removed from Google inclusive of your reviews and photos. Solution in this case is reinstating it.


Reasons Local Business Listings Are Suspended By Google:

Here are 7 reasons for suspension of Google business listings.

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1.) Inclusion Of URL In Website Fields:

Local Business Listings are suspended if your phone number or URLs are included in the website fields which redirect to landing pages. This means that in Google My Business, URL leading to non listed domains attracts soft suspension. Therefore, make sure that you don’t opt for this step to promote yourself.

2.) No Connection Between Your Business And The Address:

If the place where you work or where you run your business from, it does not belong to you then you can again face suspension from Google. This is like listing wrong address or contact details. This is another important point to take care of to avoid unnecessary suspension of Google Business Listing.

3.) Suspension Due to Impact on Industry:

Sometimes it happens that despite following all the terms and conditions, you end up facing unexpected suspension. This happens because of the industry to which you belong which has an impact on your Business Listing. If you find yourself in this situation then you must present this case to Google My Business Forums to find a solution to this kind of unwanted suspension.

4.) In Case Of Sensitive Business:

Certain businesses like those of tobacco, alcohol etc. will come under this category. Because these products fall under age restrictive category, they are not eligible for Google Maps or Google Plus. As a result, Google Plus doesn’t give permission to these business categories which leave your business listings unverified and therefore suspended.

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5.) Online Business Without Inclusive Of Physical Location:

If you are an online business and you wish to have a local page for your business then this is possible only when you have a physical address for your business. This is important to let your customers get in touch with you in relation with your business. And in case you try to skip this rule then you must again stay prepared for Suspended Local Business Listings on Google.

6.) Use Of Irrelevant Keywords:

As a rule you must include only those keywords which are related to your business and industry. If you have used any sort unrelated keyword then it can again attract problems for you. The same rule applies for images as well. So in order to avoid Google Business Listing suspension, you must make sure that you have not included any unnecessary keywords in your content or images.

7.) One Business With More Listings:

Technically, every business location must have at least one business listing. In this case, there are multiple listings just for one business then it will again lead to soft suspension. And in this process, the duplicate listings will be dropped completely. So make sure that one business has only one listing to ensure a hassle free working.

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Now that you are aware of the reasons for suspension of business listings by Google, make sure you don’t commit these mistakes. Local Business Listings suspension can easily be controlled with a proactive approach to this problem or trouble. So make sure you have checked your listings on all the seven points mentioned above. This would ensure smoothing working without worries of Google suspension.

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