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Top 3 Most Used iPhone Apps For SEO Tracking Of Your Site/Blog

Top 3 Most Used iPhone Apps For SEO Tracking Of Your Site/Blog

There are a number of tools, apps and software programs available online for measuring SEO performance. Many SEO companies and business websites owners love these applications because they make a huge difference when it comes to being the best! However some of the apps are not handy especially when the business owners are always on the go; they need something which is portable! To tackle this situation, they sometimes hire a freelancer or maybe outsource their SEO work

The simplest thing to do is get in touch with a person you have hired to work for you, this way you can keep up with the SEO performance of your websites on the go. Perhaps you can easily keep yourself updated with the SEO efficiency by using an SEO monitoring application on your smartphone.

You don’t really need to login to these apps and/or update your website through your iPhone, instead you can use the app to plan your future activities regarding your website or blog. Therefore we have shortlisted a few applications for SEO to be used on your smartphone.

1.) Link Juice:

Top 3 Most Used iPhone Apps For SEO Tracking Of Your Site/Blog

This SEO app is the most used application among the industry, but don’t get fooled by the name! It is one of those SEO app which avoids building ‘n’ number of links over the internet and serving you penalty from Google. The app gets together a number of metrics which can be used to measure performance, which produce accurate results concerning your SEO activities. It also lets you to measure and view links, page authority, data from several other SEO tool providers, and basically serve you a clear image regarding your SEO activities while you are on the go!

2.) Found SEO Audit Tool:

Top 3 Most Used iPhone Apps For SEO Tracking Of Your Site/Blog

This is another SEO tool, good enough for small business who have less SEO experience, and aren’t pro to make out errors that they’ve been making on their website. It lets you to audit your website, and provides assistance with link details, meta data, content, canonicalisation, technical implementation and basically push you to make an error free website. You can easily pull out the SEO audit details and detect any potential issues of your website while you’re on the go!

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3.) SEO Keyword Ranking:

Top 3 Most Used iPhone Apps For SEO Tracking Of Your Site/Blog

The name says it all! It does exactly what it says, and it is not just an app where you enter the domain name and results showing your rank! You get ample tools to measure the SEO performance of your website across the various search engines, filter the results according the locations, i.e. you can identify the potential of your business according to your needs across the world. They track the keyword across the globe, covering the three major search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing!

These were the top 3 apps we recommend for measuring and tracking your SEO performance while you’re travelling. Though these may not be enough, but these certainly provide a lot of information that you can get a hang of. While these do help, you certainly need a solid SEO stabilization for your website so that you don’t end up with a penalty from Google! Do mention how you keep up with the stats of your website when you’re on the go!

About the Author:
Kanika Batra writes for Mobiespy. Before writing the review she tests the spy software by herself and then post the genuine real user reviews which will help people in choosing the best cell phone spy software.

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