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What Does The Future Hold For Mobile Marketing?

The majority of events and trends in the future are very difficult and sometimes impossible to predict, but as humans predicting the future is always something we are trying to do. When it comes to predict what is going to happen in the world of mobile marketing it is a very difficult task, but we can look at what some of the brief insights out there could suggest.

It is likely that the trend of targeting consumers via mobile devices is going to continue. Marketing will become even more specific based upon what device the consumer is using, what location they are based at and the more data companies can collect they will use to target mobile marketing more effectively at their target audience. The future is most likely to see artificial intelligence used in order to assist with targeting marketing.

Virtual And Augmented Reality Advertising:

Virtual and augmented reality advertising is probably going to be something we are set to experience a lot more of. Companies will start to realise the popularity of VR and AR device and experiences and look at using this as a way to run marketing campaigns and assist in communicating with potential customers. We are already starting to see this happen as in 2014 Topshop offered a prize to customers of virtual seats to a fashion show and estate agents are starting to offer virtual house tours online.

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For mobile marketers there is now and will continue to be a shift towards mobile apps, as mobile marketing is no longer about targeting consumers through banner ads. Ad blocker usage has really increased and therefore it is harder to target consumers through a webpage than it was in the past and been able to do so through apps helps to deal with this problem.


Content Advertising:

Content and advertising will continue to merge together as one as businesses increase the amounts of branded content they push out. Valuable marketing content is a must to grab attention. Using case studies and blog posts as marketing instead of spamming consumers with products will be a lot more effective.

Mobile Advertising:

It is important that mobile ads really do relate to the individual and any possible data is used to ensure that blanket marketing campaigns that push the same content out to everyone don’t happen. With the wealth of data currently available and set to be available every mobile marketing campaign should be targeted towards the target audience in a way that grabs their attention and relates to their interests and what they want to see.

Mobile marketing and advertising is now vital for companies on the rise as consumers are using mobile devices for purchases more than ever now, therefore it is vital to be able to continue to communicate with them and target them through their mobile device.

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  1. Tony Smith says:

    In the development of this digital era People are so busy they don’t have time to open laptop because now Smart mobiles are having lots of features on your fingertips. Definitely Mobile Advertisement is the most important and profitable. Thanks for wonderful blog.

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