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Introduction To Inbound And Outbound Marketing – Infographics

You may have a website set up for your growing company with all the compelling messages for your target customers, but one thing that can pose a problem for your company is that people can’t find your site.

Having a website is not the end and you’ll still need to promote it gain valuable traffic i.e. visitors that are likely to convert into customers. There are two methods available, namely the inbound and outbound marketing, that you can use for your online marketing campaign.

Outbound marketing focuses on reaching out to your target market by continually sending out advertisements. Companies can choose to either send emails to various people or advertise on websites for their online marketing campaign.

The latest trend in outbound marketing is to help individuals to see advertisements suitable for them based on their content preference or browsing history, which keeps users from seeing ads irrelevant to them. In order to do such tactic, businesses must subscribe to ad services to have their ads placed automatically and strategically on relevant websites.

Outbound marketing is known as a shotgun approach to marketing as it focuses on sending out ads until someone decides to transact with a company.

In inbound digital marketing, the company doesn’t have to send anything to its target market since it operates on the premise that they’re the ones looking for your services. Inbound marketing makes your website easier to find.

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The tools of inbound marketing are SEO or search engine optimization and PPC or pay-per-click campaigns. Some businesses use one over the other, but others use both for their inbound web marketing campaigns.

The Google search engine necessitates either SEO or PPC since it features on its first pages the most relevant results an internet user might need. SEO and PPC have different ways to attempt to land a website on the first pages of the search engine results pages.

PPC can get your site on the first page overnight for a fee, but SEO focuses on slowly landing your website there. For more information on online internet digital web marketing and inbound and outbound marketing, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Landau Consulting

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