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How To Design Your Website So It Converts Your Traffic Into Buyers?

‘Increasing website traffic is only half of the equation’ – a phrase that didn’t have too much significance in the early days of online buying and selling, but over the passage of time, did make business analysts think what more needs to be done to be somewhere close to the desired volume of overall sales in order to achieve profit maximization. The answer to this question? Yes, it was indeed the fact that driving people to visit your website was one part, the other part was to ensure your website visitors become actual customers to your product or service.

It is just like a potential buyer walking in to your store, but may be due to poor salesmanship or even the atmosphere at the store made that individual leave the store after spending a good amount of time. Today, businesses invest a lot of money, time and effort to make sure their online presence is not just attracting people over the internet, but it is actually making them buy their product or service. For instance, we all might know the basics about Cable TV and Internet, but the way Cox Communications explains about its products and services on their website, it is quite user-friendly and easier to understand whether you’re actually going to get the bang for your buck or not. So how can businesses convert their website visitors into customers? Let’s have a look at some of the ways this can be successfully carried out:

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Have A Clear Headline On Your Homepage:

The moment your website visitor lands on your homepage, he should know why he is there in the first place and how can your product or service benefit him instead of your competitor’s. Your product description, advantages and information should be clear enough for the visitor to understand the value for money he will get if he decides to go with your brand. If we consider the same example above for Cox Communications, we clearly see on the homepage that it says “Incredible Offers Selected For You” instead of “Fastest Internet in Town” which gives a clear idea that the offers listed on the main page can be customized according to your own preferences and the internet speeds will vary too according to the selected package.


Website Should Be Easy To Read And Navigate:

Today, we see a lot of websites over the internet that have too much information that might at times make it difficult for the visitor to skim through. Businesses need to understand that a website visitor might be on the go or have a meeting to attend, which means the time he will spend on the website might not be too much. To ensure he has a relatively smooth journey while he’s on your website, try to keep your website simple and user-friendly as much as you possibly can. For instance, a website visitor wanted to know the best Cable TV bundles and he visited Cox website and went straight to Cox TV Packages section. Over there he could view all the information about the ongoing packages and bundles at different prices as per the services offered. Furthermore, adding a live chat to your website can help increase your conversion rates by a huge extent, as well-trained chat agents can actually help your visitors with the navigation while they are on your website.

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Focus On Mobile Website:

According to a study in 2016, it was observed that having an interactive and responsive mobile website can double the conversions for businesses around the globe. According to another independent report, it was seen that more than 71% of Americans spend more time on their mobile than any other gadget or device. This clearly shows how vital mobile interaction can be for any business organization to increase its website conversion rates and eventually, sales and profits. Cox TV packages and all the information about their Cable TV, internet and telephonic service can be easily browsed through their mobile website, making it an important conversion tool as the visitor might not have the access to a desktop computer at the time he visited the website.

Select Your Target Market:

In order to increase sales, many businesses tend to sell their product or service through their website pretty much to everyone who visits. Over the years it has been proved that is not a successful marketing or sales technique. Businesses need to identify the potential buyers of their product and then come up with techniques to give the right sort of sales pitch to gain the interest of their website visitor. Cox Communications website is a very good example of this. Their internet section provides a brief overview and the audience that can benefit from it for each of their available package. That is how you can define your market and then add the relevant content to your website.

Angelica DowsonAbout the Author:

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Angelica Dowson is a writer and blogger with verified skills. She likes to write about technology, digital media. Currently, she is working with Cox Internet deals which are in ceiling business of cable, internet and phone.

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