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Innovative Web Designing Using Inbuilt Prompt Search Box ‘JQuery’

Innovative Web Designing Using Inbuilt Prompt Search Box 'JQuery'

In this 21st century website designing has been playing a vital role in all walks of life. Right from an individual to big corporations and companies, everyone owns a mark of their identity on internet. Usually it is done through a website which can be of different types. It plays a role similar to that of advertisements and marketing tactics. Off-late launching a website on World Wide Web has also been widely popular wing of marketing industry.

Besides the business activities and transactions through websites, a web page better serves as a promotional platform. It is used to attract customers where they get impressed by seeing product and services displayed categorically and creatively. So, a website is an invaluable investment for a business and provides a fresh lease of life even to the traditional business. The situation today is that no business can afford to neglect this medium as the easiest way to reach the target audience for taking their business to new heights.

A good website with interesting content keeps the viewer hooked on your website to effectively go through every part of your website. It becomes even more important to focus on the content and appearance of the website if it is a shopping website for the user should be able to get attracted to pick, choose and order the products.

Along with quality content to satiate customer’s needs the web design must have easy-to-use features and exciting offers. Every minute, rather every second millions of people search on the internet looking for various options as per their needs, but might not be able to reach the desired location due the absence of a professional touch to the websites.

Innovative Web Designing Using Inbuilt Prompt Search Box 'JQuery'

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User-friendly Websites Embedded with ‘Jquery’ Feature:

There are number of features of web designing that one may not be able to add to their website due to lack of professional knowledge. This makes the role of web designers much more pivotal while moulding the website with popularity content. There are few tools and features which are added on the website to establish a better nexus between the viewer and the website, such as search engine optimisation tools, jQuery, audio/video effects, attractive images and thought provoking content etc.

Thus building a website without the professional knowledge of such features and functions can be a devastating experience, as there are chances to get lost in the ocean of technology. To fill up this gap there are many information technology companies engaged in providing technological services who act as the much needed beacon of light.

This article is dedicated to highlight the colours of jquery function that can make a website look more accessible. It is a fast and feature rich java script library for HTML document which is commonly called as website. So, jquery helps the viewer to traverse the website easily by using the search box to look for the required keyword.

If the searched text matched with the content on the website, it automatically takes you to the desired location or else displays the result has not found. This is one of the many user friendly features that can be used on the web pages to make it look more professional and also helps in saving time.

While designing the websites the web designer and the owner should together work out the components of the website first to customize jquery feature accordingly. The jquery widget and interactive library plugged on top of the web page can speak volumes of the website, making it interactive.

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It also helps the web developers to add on various other applications to the web page while creating java script web design. Jquery has changed the way writing a java script with the combination of versatility and extensibility.

Types And Tips For Professional Web Designing:

There are several web designs which differ from each other on the basis of purpose of the website. Due to plethora of the internet users, such as the viewer or researcher or a company the needs and purposes are ever changing.

Some might be just looking for web pages full of good textual content to read and write like novels or stories or personal experiences or anything related to language and literature, then such kind of website is called blog. Apart from basic technique the web design of every page differs according to the characteristics of the web page and the type of viewers that will be using the website. The following are some of the examples of different type of web pages.

Web Portals – These websites can serve as portals for matrimonial, classifieds, travel, community, real estate or job etc.
Flash Websites – These websites with attractive animations and interactive navigation are made using flash modes.
Custom Websites And Applications – Adding functionality to the website with more customized options and applications helps running a better online business.
Discussion Forums – Web pages may also act as platform for discussion forum that engage the visitors in conversation with each other and allow them to post topics, responses etc. which acts as feedback for business oriented websites.

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While designing the website for any purpose one must keep in mind the following few tips to come up with a functional and workable website with more success rate.

  • There should be unique and custom designs that can interest the target viewers. 
  • Illustrations of cost-effective and time saving services should be ensured. 
  • Professional web designs should be adopted to bring in more business. 
  • Web design should be customized for customer satisfaction. 

Thus at the end of the day, it is the humongous traffic on your website that signals that the voice chant created by the website is audible on the internet.

About the Author:
Charlie Brown is a passionate blogger who writes on SEO, web design and hosting related topics on his blog. He has reviewed about a great website designer in his recent post at This is one of the best providers that help in starting a profitable online business.

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