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3 Simple Tips To Manage Your Teens’ Tech Consumption

Have you ever noticed that whether it is the restaurant or the home dining table, families are constantly engaged with their mobile devices? From the teens networking on their smartphones to parents checking emails and messages; we all are surrounded by technology all the time. This is the real scenario and unfortunately, teens after looking at their parents and adults around them have already exceeded their limits to the level that today, technology has started to affect their physical and mental health. Hence, it is the need of the hour that we parents take appropriate steps to manage their tech consumption so they stay healthy all the time. According to the experts, teens of this age need digital detox and helping them do that is all that is needed from parents.

Teens Need Digital Detox:

The teens’ virtual world is overlapping with the real world and making them confused about how to balance the two worlds. The difference between the real world and the virtual online world is blurring day by day and it could ruin the important real life communications. If your teens’ digital life is eating the time they could have spent with their family & friends, then you should put them on a digital diet. You can use for some smart ways and get help from the 4 tips mentioned below:


1.) Make Screen-Free Bedrooms:

Keeping the teens’ bedrooms media-free can make a big difference. Keeping the TV’s, laptops, video games and smartphone out of their bedroom can let them sleep better, and yes, you can reduce their screen addiction this way. No wonder it’s a bit difficult to get teens ready for avoiding screens in the bed, but at least you can use this option for your preteens and tweens.

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2.) Put Screen Time Limits:

Setting screen limits for the acceptable usage of devices is quite helpful too. Discuss and set the hours when they should and shouldn’t use their devices. As today’s teens are very smart at twisting the truth, you can actively monitor them to know whether they are following the rules or not. For this, FamilyTime parental control is the most suitable screen time limit app.  With this app, you can put addictive networking apps like Facebook, Twitter to the Blacklist and get alerts if they use those in the bedtime or any time forbidden by you.

With that, you can schedule auto screen locks for specific time intervals that disable teens devices at the set time and enable those again when the lock timer expires. You can put screen locks during school hours or the time which you think they should spend time with family to control their screen obsession. For this, too, FamilyTime is smart enough. Its screen locking spec is very handy as you can lock teen’s phone with just a tap on your dashboard. With this feature, you can create a digital detox and get them interested in real life activities and most importantly- family time. Along with scheduling auto screen lock, the app offers the opportunity to remotely lock kids’ device anytime and from anywhere. You can download it from Google play and iTunes, as it’s compatible with all versions of Android, iOS and Kindle devices.

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3.) Engage Them In Physical Games:

Like networking apps; teens’ another favorite habit is playing video games. Instead of letting them sit in front of the screens and allowing them to play on screens, you can engage them in soccer, football and other exciting games. It’s a healthier activity than sitting on a couch in front of the screens.

Manage Teens’ Tech Consumption Smartly:

No wonder technology is part of teens’ everyday life, but its consumption should be managed smartly.  Banning the use is no solution so take advantage of the screen time limit app like FamilyTime, to create a balance and let them have fun too. With the digital support, you can put teens on a reasonable digital diet and keep them more active in real life!

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