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8 Valuable TikTok Tools That Can Boost Your Account Growth

In 2018, a new social media platform became the most downloaded and widespread across all mobile devices. The platform’s name is TikTok, and it merged with another popular platform called It is more popular among teenagers and youngsters across the world.

TikTok is vast among the younger generations across the globe. It is not just a lip-syncing and dancing platform with lots of followers and popularity. It is one of the great places for a marketer to promote their brand and get more reach.

You know the vast difficulties are there to make a popular name for yourself on TikTok. It was really easy at the beginning stage, but nowadays TikTok is too popular, and it has a lot of competition.

If you want to become popular and stand out among the crowd, you need to use different TikTok tools to rapidly improve your TikTok followers. Also, this helps your account standouts from starting to the ending of your brand development.

Let’s take a short look at the best tool that helps your account grow to new heights.

1.) TikTok Built-In Video Editor:

TikTok app has an effective video editing tool that is built right in. It has a natural, easy-to-use, and access to customer filters and effects and a powerful hit song.

Using this tool, you can set up your filters, effects, sounds, speed, and timing options. After setting these options, now is the time to record your videos. If you are done recording, you will move the editing options page, including a sound mixture, effects, cover image, and trimming the video.

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Key Features:

  • It is more convenient to make videos because it is built right into the app.
  • For beginners, easy to access this tool, and it has enough features to make a great video.

2.) TikTok Analytics:

It is also a free built-in TikTok tool to track your account’s performance. If you have a TikTok pro account, you can access the platform’s in-app analytics. You can check your accounts overview, the content analytics, and followers’ activity over the last 7 to 28 days. With TikTok analytics, you can develop your marketing strategy and engage your brand growth.

Key Features:

  • In the follower’s tab, you are able to get top-results of your audience demographics.
  • Able to know the in-depth analytics for your content, such as the number of likes, comments, shares, average watch time, and video playtime.

3.) Fanbytes:

Fanbyte is the best TikTok tool for finding perfect Influencers with amazing accuracy. Its focus is on the generation Z audiences to market your brand. They provide an award-winning team of experts to manage your influencer campaign with them to make a strong community.

With this tool, you can track TikTok bio’s to find an effective influencer who is talking about other brands that are relevant to yours. Then you can invite them to be a part of your campaign.

Key Features:

  • It helps to get an effectively managed campaign.
  • Helps to get a traditional, optimized TikTok profile.
  • You can increase your marketing growth with more fans and followers.
  • It always encourages your fanbase to interact with your videos in real-time.


4.) TokUpgrade

It is one of the best tools to grow your following; it frequently optimizes your profile to ensure you are gaining the best growth in the following.

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TokUpgrade is a completely-managed service that will help you optimize your TikTok followers by increasing your profile views through organic engagement.

It enables you to market your TikTok profile among your targeted audience and those who have an interest on your behalf. All you need to do is create and share high-quality content.

5.) Viamaker:

Viamaker is a free video editing tool that includes all the fantastic editing features that help you create fantastic TikTok videos. It is a new video editing tool made by Bytedance, so it plays nicely together.

Key Features:

  • It is easy to use features like cut, reverse, and speed-changing videos.
  • Have trending stickers, filters, effects, and fonts to create a customized video.
  • Access to the effective music library.

6.) Toksocial:

It is more effective for your account’s growth to get started the right way now. This tool helps to get more traffic for your website and improve your TikTok followers quickly. Top Social includes advanced filters that help to target the perfect audience you want.

You can quickly get started on Toksocial; all you need to do is simply signup, and the Toksocial manager will reach out to you. Also, it provides 24/7 customer support that can help your account’s growth.

7.) FireLiker:

It is the free and best tool that provides all the safe and secure features to get more likes and views on the TikTok account. If you decide to get started on fire, like, type your username and some specific usual details.

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These tools’ main feature is the easy user interface to complete the task very quickly and effectively. Also, it provides instant likes, views, and fans in a trusted manner.

8.) Pentos:

Pentos is a free TikTok tool; it helps you calculate an engagement rate and viral score and gives you an overall performance of other TikTok accounts.

It provides in-depth metrics of the TikTok profile such as likes, views, shares, comments, engagement rates, and fans and followers count. You can also track the insights on trending hashtag challenges of TikTok.


TikTok is one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms in the world. Most marketers use the TikTok platform to enhance their marketing growth and increase brand exposure. You can easily access TikTok analytics to track your account performance.

Hopefully, these are the powerful tools to boost your TikTok account and make it viral. Make sure to choose the TikTok tools that are relevant to your audience niche and get started. As well as it helps you can create amazing and engaging content your audience wants.

Alison WilliamsAbout the Author:

Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty, she is an experienced social media analyst, and her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites.

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