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Top VPNs Offering Privacy And Anonymity In 2020

A VPN acts as an extra shield that protects your data from being leaked out on the internet. It uses a separate channel for the data to travel so it isn’t easy to guess the source of origin of that data. It encrypts the data that is traveling to and from your machine through a secondary server place remotely somewhere else in the world over a secure channel. VPN lets you enjoy access to websites that have been blocked in your region, meanwhile keeping your information secure. VPNs are designed to trick your devices into thinking that they are in a different location.

This sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, apparently it isn’t. with hundreds of choices available on play store and each one offering something different, it is hard to pin one down and call it the ultimate choice. As each human is different in several aspects, so do our needs, and one size fits all is nothing but a myth. Similarly, every internet user has the needs of his own that are met by a different VPN service than the one their friend might be using. So what must one do? Well, now that every other internet user is using VPNs without even knowing the technical background of it. Here, I have listed down top VPNs that scored higher in terms of solid encryption, unperturbed speeds, By-Passing Geo-restrictions, and reliable customer support, as opposed to the others on the list.

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The Top Pick: Express VPN

Express VPN is an all-rounder, to say the least. It brings everything to the table, from unblocking websites to offering superior speeds, providing privacy, and boosting speeds, Express VPN can do it all. The cherries on top being the reliable customer service, money-back guarantee good for a month, and top of the line speed test results. It also runs smoothly on almost all the devices.

Express VPN comes with exclusive access to 3000+ servers positioned across the world in 94 countries and 160+ different locations. Express VPN also takes the medal when it comes to providing reliable customer support at all times.

Everything under the sun is bound to have some ratio of pros to cons, well, in case of Express VPN the ratio is pretty good since it doesn’t have many cons for one. To name some, Express VPN’s basic plan doesn’t support multiple simultaneous connections, and if you think you can afford the premium price tag then it can support 5 connections simultaneously. The best part? Their no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.


Second But Not Any Less; Ipvanish

IPVanish comes up as another strong contender in the test with equally impressive statistics to boast. It had 40,000 different IPs from 1300+ servers located in about 70 countries. It fills Express VPN’s void by offering unlimited P2P traffic and supporting up to 10 devices simultaneously.

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It has the perfect solution to all the usage manual woes with its 24/7 available customer service.

On the downside, I found a few servers not actually being in the places they were originally advertised to be in. In addition, they have a mere 7-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied with the service.

Third And Last: Surfshark

Surshark comes with the star feature of supporting unlimited devices. It has 1000+ servers positioned in 60 different locations across the globe. The internet connectivity is fairly reliable with fast connection speeds more often than not.

In case the connectivity fails, it also comes with a kill switch that protects your data from getting leaked in such dire conditions. Like Express VPN Surfshark comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee too. It is still a good value for money if we cut things short.

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