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If You Haven’t Explored Apple Search Ads Yet, It Is Long Overdue!

Apple has decidedly moved up the ante with the much-anticipated launch of search ads on its play store. It was a game-changing moment for the industry. Until this launch, Google was resting on the laurels of integrating these search ads into its play store. Nearly 50-60% of app installations are accomplished after a search made by the user. With this launch, promoted apps will be displayed above the search results in the App Store’s banner. This model of paid apps will definitely influence the mobile app industry. Hence, you must know everything about Apple search ads.

How Does It Work?

This is the most pertinent question being asked about Apple’s search ads. If viewed from a general perspective, their functioning is quite similar to Google AdWords. The search engine of Apple play store will determine the relevance of your ad for the users looking for a similar service. It will show the ad if it matches the search criteria. It gives more importance to the relevance of the ads instead of promoting them simply on the basis of higher bidding. These search ads will be defined by a distinctive blue background. The Play store will fetch the copy and images from app’s metadata.

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How Can You Advertise On Apple Play Store?

A great strategy can take you on top of the search engine results in Apple play store. The optimization of your app store is crucial to its success. You should begin by setting aside a campaign budget for Apple’s Cost per Tap payment methodology. It allows only one ad per search. Hence, you need to promote your chances by bidding judiciously. Choose the device and target audience depending on the features of your app. Schedule the timing of the app and test the app periodically to ensure more installs.

What Makes Them Unique?

Apple App Store ads are backed by Apple’s technological edge and persistent focus on enhancing user experiences. As such, the relevance of an ad is predominantly important for the company. If your app fails to impress the users continually, it will discontinue showing it irrespective of your higher bids.

Secondly, it will promote only the content and images approved by Apple on its App Store. Advertisers can’t build, upload, and use new images or text. If they want to introduce any changes in the ad, they should update the existing app before proceeding further. This way, it is integrating an ad approval process.

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Thirdly, the bidding is allowed separately for both devices- iPhone and iPad. Also, it offers a keyword suggestion tool to show the popular keywords. The audience targeting feature will help in tapping the desired profiles. They can find the potential prospects and understand their preferences in a better way. Apple App Store Optimization will become easier with this feature. Moreover, the security will be assured by Apple.


How Will It Help The Developers?

Placing your ad on Apple App Store can benefit the developers in many ways. It takes your app to the users when they are actually searching for it. Hence, the timing is imperatively perfect. The pay per tap system ensures cost-effectiveness since the payment liability will arise only if a user taps on your advertisement.

How To Ensure The Effectiveness of Apple Search Ads?

The tools available for keyword suggestion or measuring popularity of Apple App Store ads can ensure the success of your app. Also, you must follow the best practices like optimizing your app store page with impressive visual content. Moreover, the app must also impress the users and compel them to install it on their device.

Also, manage the finances of your campaign efficiently to ensure its better visibility. The ad must reflect your app design and strategy. Apple has clarified that it will lay more impetus on relevance. So, stick to this rule.

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The Wrap-Up:

The download of an app is mostly triggered by the app store searches. Hence, it is critical to understand the requirements of your targeted audiences. In this regard, it is equally important to understand the competition lingering in this domain. Convincing the users to download your app is difficult. But, search ads can grab their attention specifically when they are looking for an app similar to yours.

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