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7 Tips For Creating Engaging Product Descriptions On Your E-Commerce Store

Are your product descriptions working like they are supposed to? Is your content showing appeal to the customers, or is it even readable? When it comes to producing product descriptions a good merchant must give in all the time it needs. Without a product description advocating your product’s superiority over others, customer engagement can be a very rare sight. Here are 7 essential tips that will make your product description standout, persuade and sell your merchandise in the most efficient means possible.

1.) Show CTAs:

CTA are a tremendous source of engagement, especially for those customers on the product page. They are capable of triggering purchase decisions entirely by themselves just by making the customer tick. Call to action buttons or ‘CTAs’ are mixture of text, smart coloration and a link to your checkout page. By using them effectively next to your product descriptions, your store can get a huge spike in conversions rate.

2.) Make it Small and Concise:

One of the few reasons readers interact with product descriptions is to know if the product is cut out for their requirements. But with a long text oriented description with spin off content, your customers are more likely to abandon your page than seek for what your product has to offer. Since every online customer has a busy schedule and cannot give enough time to read everything, capitalize on the short description that brings the benefits through features into the limelight. This will not only engage the user, but also optimize your page with the negative spacing.

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3.) Internal Linking:

Add a few internal links between your product descriptions with similar products or alternatives that might invite the interest of the customer. Being an active online shopper myself, it has occurred numerous times when I click on a product link only to be disappointed by the lack of features or disagreeing preferences in it. Only if another link was anchored to a similar product, I might as well have checked it out and even purchased it. Use this opportunity to expand internal linking and expose other products in the process.

4.) Add Bullets To The Content:

Adding bullets not only elevates importance from your content, but also simplifies the text into a digestible read. Readers are often focused on finding what matters or what sets your products apart from competitors. This is where you introduce your unique selling points and create a positive read. But before you add bullets to your product descriptions, make sure your text is optimized so that any breakage in sentences can be avoided. The content as whole becomes uncluttered, improving user engagement on your product pages.


5.) Images:

Images are as important as any other element on your website. An image can describe an entire paragraph without spelling a single word. According to latest statistics, customers are more attracted to the visual details and aesthetics of a website than the text itself. But this doesn’t mean removing all the text and putting images in charge of the explanation. Place images next to your product description according to the context. You can add an image next to sentence or paragraph that emphasizes on the importance of a certain feature or appearance in the product image. This creates better user experience for the customer that helps your store in increasing its conversions.

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6.) Add Scan-Ability To The Content:

Adding scan-ability to your product description is not just about showing it in bullets, but several other aspects should also be looked after. Scan-ability gives readers the ability to read the content faster without getting disoriented by the text. First, add segments to the paragraph each time something important has to be shown. This improves the structure of your content and creates neat look from the text body. You can also make abundant use of white spacing to separate the important elements from the text such as CTAs, images, blocks and internal links. This brings your product descriptions ship-shape and invites more visitors to the pages.

7.) Never Let It Sit:

One of the most underrated and under used practices to produce engaging product descriptions is updating the content. Updating the content is imperative for any ecommerce website. It sits well with the Google guidelines and helps generate better content for the future. It also reflects an active image of your website while giving more time to your SEO marketers to produce meta descriptions and titles for getting your produce description on the top of Google search results. Once a pattern has been established, you can task your content writers to update new content with time to time. Any website in the competitive market must keep tabs on how old the content is so it can be updated with better and more era appropriate substance.

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Final Thoughts:

Product descriptions are the ambassadors of your products in the absence of a brick and mortal store. They are designed to tell your product specifications without compromising on the customer’s time. With these 7 guidelines, you can improve your product descriptions and generate engagement on daily basis on your website.

Simon WalkerAbout the Author:

Simon Walker is an experienced ecommerce expert with over 8 years of experience. During his experience he has led developed and implement ecommerce strategies for online shopping stores. Currently he is working for FmeExtensions, a company known for its top quality extensions and custom website development services.

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