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How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your ECommerce Website?

How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your ECommerce Website?

An eCommerce website should be conversion-friendly. It should attract your target audience and convert them into paying clients. While designing eCommerce sites, you should ensure that your website has been designed from the viewpoint of a target shopper. Give them whatever they require and you will get a profitable site. If you create a website that does not cater to their requirements, you will have no chance of achieving a high conversion rate.

Whether you want to start with an eCommerce site or you want to improve your existing e-business site, the following tips are going to help you create a conversion-friendly eCommerce website.

Simple And Seamless Navigation:

Shoppers look for easy navigation that gets them from point X to point Y, with minimum hassle. So, you need to give them a navigation structure, which will enable them to browse your products conveniently and quickly.

Identify Your Potential Customers:

Your potential customer is going to purchase products from your website. So, you must know what is it that makes them choose your products over others. Shopping is an emotive decision; thus you should form an idea about the type of user emotions, which triggers a ‘purchase decision’. Simultaneously, form an idea of your potential customers’ shopping behavior and the qualities, which they are looking at in an eCommerce site, in order to influence their buying decision.

Comprehending your target audience is essential for your eCommerce site’s success because they are the one’s who make a decision to purchase your products, grounded in the product information and photographs that you have uploaded. If not, it will cause shopping cart abandonment.

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Call-To-Action Pictures:

Call-to-action buttons are an important part of any eCommerce website. What’s even more important is the eye-catching call-to-action images. These images must persuade your potential customers to buy products from your website.

Promotional Videos:

People are fond of interactive websites and are always looking for interactive elements in a site. Product videos are one of the most useful interactive elements, which you can upload to your site. They can be of great benefit to your potential customers as they promote the advantages of using your product(s) over others. It’s an effective marketing tactic towards better website conversions.

How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your ECommerce Website?

Comprehensive And Engaging Product Information:

It is very important to provide a detailed product information. However, just providing a comprehensive information about the product is not enough. It must be presented in an interesting and engaging way.

High-Resolution Images of Products:

Product images are essential visual elements of any eCommerce website. Your customers would be eager to know what they are buying and if they get to see high resolution product images, there is nothing more that they would look for. Just make sure that your customers are able to see your product image from different angles and that the image can be zoomed. These high-resolution product images are, in fact, excellent conversion boosters.

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Display Offers And Discounts:

If you are providing discounts on any of your products or running some special offer, that information should be prominently visible on your website, if possible on your homepage. Your motto should be to increase your conversion rate and that is the reason you are giving discounts and offers. Right? So, you need to make sure that these specials and discounts grab the interest of your target audience.

How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your ECommerce Website?

Shopping Cart Must Always Be Visible To Shoppers:

The shopping cart must be visible all the time on your website. Placing it on the right hand corner of your computer screen is a good idea. Also make sure that our potential customers are able to get the much needed product information on their shopping cart via a drop-down menu.

Online shoppers often check their items which are ready for purchase, and that’s the reason they want constant access to the shopping cart. So, if you can make the shopping cart always visible on your website, you can definitely boost your site’s conversion rate.

Shipping Charges:

It will be sensible on your part to offer free shipping to your customers if you want to boost the conversion rate of your eCommerce website. However, it surely won’t be possible for you to offer free shipping for products which are estimated at the lower end of your price scale. So, what you can do is define the shipping amount clearly, mentioning that, above this fixed amount you are not going to charge them any extra shipping fee.

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Taking note of these handy tips is surely going to help you improve or build your eCommerce site’s conversion rate.

About the Author:
Koustuv Roy works at ecommerce website design company in Kolkata. He specializes in search engine optimization, online marketing and social media marketing also.

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