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Lost Your Data? Here’s Your Go-To Data Recovery Service

In a world where data is a valuable asset, data loss can have a considerable impact on the performance of individuals and even entire organizations. Luckily, with the help of a professional recovery service such as  Data Recovery Experts, lost data can be retrieved and put back to use in no time.

Located in the bustling city of New York, Data Recovery Experts is a data recovery based company which specializes in data recovery across different Medias. Employing specially tailored software and experienced professionals, Data recovery Experts can make a clean recovery in the hardest of situations. DRE Services Inc. proves that professional data recovery can be a quick, efficient and budget friendly way to deal with data loss.

The Services:

From Hard drives and flash memory to Magnetic tapes and RAIDs, Data Recovery Experts provide data retrieval services for every storage media and operating system.

Hard Drive Recovery:

Recovering lost data from a Hard drive is a highly sensitive and complicated process. Data Recovery Experts hold considerable expertise in Hard drive data recovery on any interface, brand and device. May it be a logical, Electrical or a Logical error, DRE services can eliminate it all to excavate the necessary data. With a large inventory of parts, cutting-edge tools and a class-100 cleanroom for a dust-free environment, Data Recovery Experts undoubtedly provide the best hard drive recovery in the industry.

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RAID Recovery:

RAID or Redundant Array of Independent Disks uses two or more physical hard drives to increase data through put and reliability. Despite it being made to prevent data loss and increase performance, failure is always a possibility. The experts at Data Recovery Experts specialize in dealing with data lost due to failure of RAIDs of all types. From RAID 0 to RAID 5 and other variants, DRE Services Inc. can retrieve data from any level of RAID.

Flash Drive Recovery:

Flash memory is an electrically Erasable and re-programmable memory which is used in memory cards, USB flash drives, laptops, cameras, mobile phones etc. Flash memory can cause data loss when it exceeds the number of erase or write cycles. Data Recovery Experts excel at recovering data from every kind of flash memory including SD, multimedia Card, Compact Flash and many more.

Computer Forensics:

Data Recovery Experts also provides computer forensic facilities to extract data that is considered evidence in a crime. The process starts with the identifying the target of the investigation, then the evidence collected is protected and analyzed after which the findings are revealed.

This is not all, DRE Services Inc. are well versed at data retrieval from many more storage medias including magnetic tapes, floppy disks, cameras and much more.


Why Choose Data Recovery Experts?


Provides an affordable option based on the type of failure and magnitude of data recovery. DRE Services Inc. make data recovery a possibility for all with budget friendly alternatives.

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Free Diagnostics:

DRE provides expert diagnostic and evaluation for free. Just send in the media and receive a full expert cost and data recovery analysis within a day.

Data Guarantee:

DRE has a strict policy of charging only after data is retrieved with satisfactory results. So risk is eliminated and payment is made only when data recovery is successful.

With affordable rates, an extensive experience and diverse services, Data recovery Experts are no doubt the best in the business. DRE provides a listing of all its services, success stories and contact information of their website So if data loss is ever a problem, Data Recovery Experts is the best solution.

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