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Where To Get Copyright Free Images For Your Blog Posts?

Where To Get Copyright Free Images For Your Blog Posts?

Images and audio/video elements definitely have an edge over words and phrases. While it takes lengthy prose to describe certain emotion or action a single image can do the same and that too with a higher impact. A person just needs to look at the image, and the entire information is conveyed at lightning speed. No wonder then a single picture is said to be worth a thousand words.

People from all walks of life, especially media folks such as art director, graphic designer, and creative entities such as bloggers require images regularly. However, no one can own unlimited images or shoot their own pictures indiscriminately. In such a scenario free images offered by many websites comes as a boon in disguise. But, the million dollar question is; from where to get copyright free images for your blog posts. Continue reading to know more about such online outlets or websites.


Morgue File is a great place to look for your image requirements or even share some of your own images with public or colleagues. The second part is typically exploited during post production by a group of people working on a common project and need to access same image/s. Morgue File offers high resolution stock images which are absolutely free. The only condition is you cannot claim it as your own which is fair by all means.

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Bloggers can really pep up their pages quickly by browsing several categories which are neatly spread out.

Web site designers and blog writers do not need to worry about copyright infringement because the owners of these images have offered them for free.


Creative commons organisation has made advertising and sharing of creative work a joy. Many Flickr users now offer their images to general public under the creative commons laws where they are typically categorised. Bloggers can simply search images or browse individual category. These free images are subject to certain restrictions such as sharing, copying, editing and distributing. Users are advised to read the terms of use.

Where To Get Copyright Free Images For Your Blog Posts?

3.) Wikimedia Commons:

Wikimedia is yet another image repository. It functions and uses the same technology that is used by Wikipedia where users can edit the content. However, there is one major difference; Wikimedia allows uploading of media files such as images, audio and video clips. Yet another advantage with Wikimedia is the freedom of language. Media files of any speech can be uploaded and shared. Although it acts as a hub for projects linked to Wikimedia foundation even general users can submit their work and participate in exchanging and sharing different media.

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Wikimedia therefore offers a great opportunity to bloggers in terms of freshness and exclusive pictorial inventiveness.


Stock Vault is an archiving hub, a depository of stock photos. So who can submit or exploit the images which are already uploaded on this website? The answer is everyone. The concept of photo sharing is taken to a newer level through its amazing range of images. Stock Vault is bloggers paradise, especially those who post educational or informational articles.

Another salient feature of is its range of offerings. It not only offers images but also boasts ready to use web layouts, icons, logos etc. The website describes itself as a resource for quality images without the shackles of ‘limited use’ typically attached to pictures sourced from royalty free agencies.

Both low and high resolution images are available on this website.


Now this online image repertoire is one of its kinds. It offers images from around the world, created and shot by illustrators, photographers, designers and amateurs. Bloggers simply need to browse through hundreds and thousands of free images.

Get motivated or simply use them on your blog, blog articles; even for commercial purposes.

The site beckons creative people with its impeccable collection. No wonder then it boasts a community of photography experts who simply believe in sharing their cherished imagery with like-minded and other entities. If you are a blogger with a keen interest in photography or a photographer turned blogger then this is one site you just cannot ignore.

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Give it a shot and enjoy viewing some stunning images or simply use them in your projects.

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