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How SEO Is Changing The Game In Educational Sector?

Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, affects the visibility of online platforms. It ranks the pages accordingly which displays the most relevant content for the user. It does not indulge into any paid promotions. The world is embracing digital media and it has become of the most essential factors that affect a company.

SEO is an expensive tool which carries its importance in the education field. The edtech sector is an upcoming sector in this technological era which promotes the effective learning system based on online platform. It comprises of technological resources for enhancing and facilitating learning experiences.

With students getting equipped with gadgets and the internet, provision of an online learning and educating portal is benefitting the youth of this generation. With the help of the edtech sector, courses, apart from engineering, law and medical, are getting recognised and accepted.

People, nowadays, consider these courses as effective and are actually able to explore themselves through these. Earlier, engineering, medical and law courses were considered as secured professions and were opted profusely. Now, that perception is slowly fading.

How Does SEO Affect The Edtech Sector?

It has been noticed that two-thirds of students and their parents use search engines as a primary source of information while looking for institutions and colleges. They insist on checking up the reviews and ratings of an institution before enrolling for the courses. Even for the preparation for the competitive exams like IAS, IES, UPSC also.

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A vast portion of the society has internet access, and a huge percentage of students spend majority of their time daily surfing on the internet using their smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. This accentuates the fact that the youth prefer to consult the search engines for looking up at things rather than physically going out in the three-dimensional world.

Maximum of the population refers the internet to search for institutions, schools and various colleges for signing up for their courses. They like to visit the college or school website and get an insight about that educational institution. They try to understand how the admission of their ward in this particular institution is going to prove effective. They can check out the courses, admission procedure, fee structure, famous alumni, accommodation facilities, educational resources like access to library and labs etc. They can even check the qualifications of the faculty members and get their contact details as well.

About 75% of the students feel that the internet is the main source of information. With Wikipedia and Google ruling the internet industry, students find themselves compatible with the use of Search Engines to look up something. It is certainly more reliable and updated source of gaining information on a particular concept. Students do not need to visit and spend hours at a library looking for a book that may or may not contain information on a specific topic. The SEO works efficiently in this case. This displays the most relevant and straight to the point information.

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Many e-learning systems have been developed in recent years; these massive online open courses from various third party websites offer a wide range of courses that involve video lectures, online tests, and assignments. This technique helps the students to learn effectively.

It has also been noticed that many people judge an institution by their websites. This notion puts forward the impression that technology has etched into the minds of the locals. If the institutions are not updated with the latest technological resources, then they are certainly backward in this generation of the digitally enhanced population.

Search Engine Optimization rankings help you distinguish your school or university from other similar institutions. They put forward a list of institutions ranked accordingly to popular searches. This helps the user in making a decision.

People are now equipped with FAQ portals and websites like Quora where they can put up any query regarding a particular institution and can connect with alumni, faculties or concerned individuals who can guide them into making an informed decision.

Search engine optimization has certainly enhanced the educational sector of India. Upcoming e-learning startups and institutions are gaining recognition via the internet. A business can thrive vastly with online promotion and marketing which helps spread out the word. The digitalization of the country is helping people get access to internet, even in the remote areas of the country. This ensures the provision of internet facilities to less fortunate students of the society.

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The edtech sector focusses on providing effective learning facilities to all aspiring learners. With the technologically enhanced generation, the educational outcomes will be very different from earlier times. This is not a negative point at all. The world changes constantly and something that was effective a few years back may not hold the same position today. All we can do is adapt ourselves with the latest trends and mix up with the generation effectively.

Anish PassiAbout the Author:

Anish Passi is the Director of Neostencil, which is a unique platform for Government exam preparation like UPSC, IES, and GATE etc. where you can access live classrooms with the best faculty in India, from the comfort of your home. He completed his engineering degree from McMaster University, Canada, and is an IIM, Ahmedabad alumni. He previously founded Testcafe and has extensive experience in the Education sector.

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