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Tips For Targeting And Engaging Your Audience With Pinterest

If you have used Pinterest before you know it is a very visual and interactive board. You also know then that there are over 100 million users a month that use Pinterest. So how can you put this powerhouse to work targeting and engaging your audience in order to get the most out of your online social media marketing? Here are some tips for you on using Pinterest in order to target and engage your audience and help you grow your business.

Follow these tips for Pinterest use and you will get the most out of Pinterest you can.

Get Pinterest Account For Business:

  • Get a Pinterest for business account, which is different from your personal account. You will get educational marketing materials, Pinterest Analytics, rich pins and different settings than you do in your personal account.
  • If you have a local store and use Pinterest to show off some of your products, place pins inside your store the way Nordstrom, Target, and several other retailers are doing.
  • Share a lifestyle not a product. If your products are kitchen gadgets then show how they can fit the lifestyle of an everyday cook or a professional. People who cook at home every day are always looking for ways to make task in the kitchen quicker and easier.
  • Create more than one board. Especially if your store has more than one type of product in it. The top boards on Pinterest are fashion, home design, kids, and crafts. So, if your store has some of these interests in show Pinterest these areas with craft projects for kids, fashion papers boards or home décor projects.
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Regular Contest And Pinning:

  • Show your followers you appreciate them by giving them such as likes, shares, or if they offer a lot of different comments and uses for your products follow them. This lets them know that you are watching your boards and a simple “thanks for that honest review” can go a long way. A big one is to re-pin the ones that are applicable to your business.
  • Run contests for re-posting your pictures. Give each person who re-pins your pictures an entry. Then reward the winner with a gift certificate or discount coupon.
  • Make sure you are pinning regularly with new relevant material. These could be new products or services that your company has or news of upcoming sales or events such as contests and giveaways.
  • Understand what your followers find interesting by reading their pins and boards. This is important so you know how to tweak your content that you are pinning in order to reach potential new customers.


Unique Pictures And Rich Text For Pins:

  • Create a story from your pictures about your local business, the history of when it was founded and by whom. People like to know what kind of business they are patronizing. Hometown is better than the box store type businesses for some, so if your business is a hometown business share that. Others have never experienced the difference show that in pictures.
  • Use multiple products in one pin; this gives the users an idea of how many different items you have and their uses. It also allows you to draw more users when you feature more than one product.
  • Use unique pictures and you want to take advantage of the image height. Pinterest automatically sets the width but you can set the height so take advantage of that and use it.
  • Include text overlays on your images that explain why your pin is interesting and catches the eye of the reader who may be scrolling down through the Pinterest page.
  • Use light images instead of dark so they stand out.
  • You can use images to show a step-by-step tutorial.  These are great pins and generally gut a lot of engagement.
  • Use descriptions that run between 150 and 300 words.
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Use Tools To Analyze Pins Reach:

  • Use Pinterest analytics and tools in order to find out what content is performing well, who you‘re reaching and who you may be missing. Then you can tweak where necessary.
  • Be sure to use rich pins. Rich pins are only for businesses but allow you to pin app, place, article, product, and recipe. Article pins will display the articles author, the publisher, and the publication date. Such as an article from the NY Times or Forbes will display that publisher, the author and the date it was published.
  • Use place pins; these include a map of where your business is, the physical address, and phone number in the pin explanation as long as you add those.
  • Include key words in your pins this way when Pinterest users search for something that you have your pin pops up. An example would be a recliner, key words could be Lazy Boy, leather chair, leather recliner; you get the idea here.
  • Search your key words just like with regular content Pinterest is no different when it comes to key words and research.

There are the top 20 tips for using Pinterest for your business. Follow those and you will find that you are targeting and engaging your audience on Pinterest pretty well.

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Pinterest can be used as another social media marketing board with a major difference, the amount of users you can target and engage at once by using visuals. Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks at this time and you need to have your business on it. As long as you understand that Pinterest is another content driven social network and make your content relevant, informative and use key words you can interact with your customers and potential customers.

When done correctly you can grow your audience and business quite well. It will work for any business so long as you tell a story with the pictures you pin. Think about your business and the categories in which it can fit on Pinterest.

About the Author:

Dante Munnis is a content manager on Essay Republic and a social-media marketing expert.

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