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Five Top Trending Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Better SEO

Five Top Trending Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Better SEO

Pinterest — by now you’re probably familiar with the platform, even if you’re not using it yourself. It’s one of the fastest growing social-media networks out there and is popular among so many different demographics. (It’s not just for brides-to-be and travel pinners anymore!) With more than 70 million active users, it’s not very hard to see why businesses and marketers alike are starting to really utilize this platform to reach their customers in a whole new way. Besides building a fan base and increasing customer interaction and engagement, companies are realizing that Pinterest is actually a great way to increase SEO.

SEO Increases Through Shared Content:

You’re probably aware that by sharing content online, users help to increase SEO. Besides using SEO services, a great way to increase your SEO is through social media. Pinterest is the perfect platform for this, since its basis is ‘re-pinning’ or sharing your followers’ content.

You can not only reach a bigger audience due to the sharing capability of Pinterest, but also your content will carry a lot more weight in SEO terms as well. Fresh content is the easiest and most successful method of getting new followers.

Five Top Trending Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Better SEO


While keywords might seem a bit outdated for today’s generation of Internet users, they’re still a crucial part of social marketing. These specific words help the people who are looking for your company find you, and also can help increase your page ranks on search engines.

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Your company’s Pinterest profile can actually appear in the search engine’s SERP. Just be sure to remember to turn off the ‘Hide Pinterest Profile from Search Engine’ from your Pinterest settings.

Really focus on keyword strategy throughout not only your Pinterest profile, but all of your social-media platforms. This kind of continuity allows for your customers to become familiar with your brand identity and associate you with certain keywords.

Make sure your profile is fully optimized on Pinterest to include keywords that your consumers will be looking for. Also, think about your username on Pinterest. This is the No. 1 way users will be trying to find you, so when in doubt, simply use your brand’s name.

The Rise Of Pinterest

Referral Traffic:

Pinterest is now the third most popular social network out there. This is great news for SEO due to the large number of followers Pinterest fans have. Everything a person shares on Pinterest goes to their followers. Users with a lot of followers help to increase traffic among the site, which also increases SEO.

Back Links To SEO:

Search engines like Google and Bing have page rankings that are determined based on back links. Nowadays, almost all Pinterest pins have URLS attached. This is great for businesses, as these back links not only help to build brand creditability, but also build up your traffic and SEO in the process.

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Also, it’s important to remember to give as well as receive; on Pinterest, make sure you are actually following your customers and fellow competitors. Share content from your followers — it’s a social site for a reason!

Pin It:

While the ‘Pin It’ button on Pinterest has always been pretty cool, the concept just got a lot cooler for marketers. It’s the easiest way for a consumer to share something they like on your website with all of their followers. It’s even easier and quicker than sharing a link on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a whole new way to get consumers to your content and shouldn’t be underestimated.

About the Author:
Courtney Gordner is a passionate blogger that loves sharing advise for SEO services and internet marketing strategies.

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  1. Guld Design says:

    I never really seen the idea with pinterest since it for me seemed to offer a very targeted service that I never had any use for. Reading this post, and acknowledging that they got more than 70 million users and the possibilities of using their service for SEO purposes is a new thing for me, so thank you for educating me on this topic. Please continue to share knowledge.

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