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Pinterest: How You Can “Pinned” It For Your Business Success?

Pinterest: How You Can

There is no arguing about how social media has changed the marketer’s way of approach nowadays. Sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter — which are called social media sites – give every business the opportunity to communicate with clients and customers in real time and in an effortless way. Everyday more and more social media sites sprung up but only a few succeed. The latest addition to the list of successful social media sites is “Pinterest”

What Is Pinterest?

But what is Pinterest all about? What make this social site a big bang for many businesses today? Let us take a look and learn about the basics of using Pinterest for your business. And don’t forget to “Pinned” this article on your board — if you know what mean!

Unlike Facebook and Google+ where one can post photos, upload videos, share text and comment and interact with anybody, PInterest has a different approach. With Pinterest, a user can typically share
interest or products by posting images or videos to their own or other users Pinboards, we also called this method as “pinning”. Pinboards on the other hand, is where your collections of “pins” are placed. Usually, Pinboards have the same theme like Women’s Fashion or Home Designs. As a user, you can upload unique images from computers or can “pin” favorite items you found on the internet using the “Pinterest Pin it” button or just by simply adding a URL.

Pinterest For Business:

Pinterest is a good avenue for business providers to promote creative ideas regarding their offer products and services. It is a great channel to engage and target potential new customers, no doubt. And now with its new tool created especially for business users, the interactivity is more improved, helping you drive more traffic and promoting your brand much easier.

Pinterest For Brands:

Today, you can find many brands and retailers active in Pinterest. I wouldn’t even wonder why because joining Pinterest is free. More than that, signing up is very easy. You just need to simply enter the name of your business and get ready to start. Of course, a Pinterest account could only be worthy and useful if you were able to place the right kind of Pinterest Boards for your business, probably a “How to” board, “Products and Service Board”, “Social Proof Board” etc, depending on what your business is all about, and who are your target audience. With this way, you can entice more followers and keep them coming back.

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Pinterest For You…!!!

There are endless ways you can promote your business through Pinterest, the good thing is that you can do this using your mobile device then download the app, just make sure you have a stable mobile network connection. Among the popular marketing Pinterest tools includes Pinerly, Pinpuff, PinReach, Url2Pin, Browser Extensions and AppleApp. Using all these tools can ensure that your account will be influential and effective. But aside from these tools, of course, you are required to post good content that customers, followers and random users will be interested in. Remember the more interaction a user gets the more powerful it can be as a marketing tool. So start pinning!

About the Author:
Marie Felipe is an online writer for more than 6 years now. She loves looking for guest posting service as well as writing in her own blogs. She loves to share her ideas about technology and obviously computers are her life.

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