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How To Market Your Gaming App In 7 Easy Steps?

Of all the app revenue beginning in 2018, more than 76% came from mobile gaming apps. By 2021, $180.1 billion will be spent on mobile gaming apps. It is no wonder why so many gaming apps are released every year.

Because technology is fast progressing, mobile apps are benefitting with the increase in processing power, interface, usability, and media quality. Mobile gaming apps are highly addictive and have the highest statistics when it comes to user retention.

Mobile gaming’s popularity has catapulted it to a much-sought-after industry.  It is also not surprising that gaming apps have been a target for ads and hackers as well. The demand for mobile apps has called for more robust mobile phone security and more creative ways of an app promotion.

If you have done the necessaries in building your app and now are so ready to launch it for the digital world to enjoy, you may want some tips to market your gaming app.

Having A Website Is Important:

If you think that having an app is enough, then guess again. You need to have a website because it is a trust element that consumers look for before they trust a brand.

Gamers appreciate that they can go to a website to know more about your game, engage with you, the developer, and the community of gamers using your app.

A website also means that gamers can have support in case they have issues or concerns.

Create a very appealing, engaging, navigable, and user-friendly website for your gamers. Your site needs to be informative as an important part of your app marketing. Get the best web security as an essential part of SEO. Also, create a landing page that is not cumbersome where customers can go outside app stores and web pages, like for app purchases and downloads.

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Your landing page should be able to get leads as part of a good digital marketing strategy. If your landing page is not generating leads, then you need to change it right away or revamp. The purpose of connecting to consumers is to convert, and your landing page is the first step to get consumers into that next phase of your sales funnel.

Use Game Teasers:

If you capitalize on placing video teasers of your game on video-sharing sites like YouTube, or as an ad on websites and social media platforms, the viewership can boost your app’s popularity prelaunch.

In fact, Google can accurately forecast by 94%, the sales of upcoming movies just by the statistics of those who watched the trailers. According to trailer viewership.

An advertising teaser in the form of a video is one of the most engaging promotional tools you can use to promote your app. It could even revive viewership, including dormant consumers who once played your game apps. Video is very engaging, and optimizing it is a wise move for your app marketing strategies.

Partner With Influencers:

Partnering with influencers in the gaming community is also a strategic app marketing tool. These influencers have a credibility to protect, and they are an excellent first step for you to test your game and see if it is really up to par with the gaming community’s standards.

These influencers have thousands to millions of followers who take their idol’s word as canon.

Even more, than they trust celebrities, consumers trust influencers by 30% more. Once you get these influencers’ mark of approval, that serves as a credible advertisement on your part. Prelaunch, it creates much buzz and curiosity over your gaming app, which is good for your ratings as well.


Optimize Feedback And Reviews:

Getting feedback, ratings, and reviews can be to your best advantage if you use it well. In a day and age where consumers trust peer reviews more than what brands say about themselves, you need to put feedbacks and reviews at the forefront as it will attract more consumers to download your gaming app.

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Do not ignore less than stellar feedbacks or reviews. Use them to better your app. It also shows consumers you are reliable because you do not ignore what your gamers are saying.

The more you listen to what gamers have to say, the better experience you are giving to your consumers.

Build Group Forums Where Gamers Can Convene Around Your App:

If your purpose for creating your gaming app is to provide a quality product, you will not shy away from forums either. It is a perfect venue for you to connect with your consumers instantly.

Aside from engagements, a forum can help your customers build trust within the community as they interact with legitimate users of your app.

As with all forums, consumers are free to express their sentiments, whether it is good or bad. Take things in stride, filter through the comments, and get substantial input do you can develop your app further. Your other goal is also to provide an excellent venue for strong customer support, which is vital for your app marketing campaigns.

Integrate Social Media In Your Promotions:

Social media will increase the app’s visibility, especially if one of your strategies go viral—like video teaser, a sale, and the like.

Social media marketing can add up to your promotions, all for free. Thru social media, you can build up excitement and curiosity for your game. You can even begin interacting with future consumers of your game app. When your game is launched, social media can be a venue, much like forums, where customers can share their experiences and achievements in your app.

What is better with social media, gamers can post user-generated content that can boost conversions even more.

Partner With Trusted Global Game App Provider:

Collaborations are a big thing in digital marketing these days. Consumers love when their favorite games collaborate to bring better entertainment.

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It can boost your popularity as fans of the other game app is exposed to your game app. Grabbing the global audience’s attention improves your marketing strategies by leaps and bounds and promotes better customer engagement.

If ever you get to have an opportunity such as this, make sure you choose whom to partner with and lay out the terms and duration of the partnership. If done right, partnerships can bring apps to another level of brand awareness, conversions, and revenues, that mark the global mobile game app industry.

Conclusion: Mobile Game Apps Will Be A Stronger Trend:

Since the average consumer now spends at least 5 hours a day on mobile devices, it is not a surprise that the global game market will continue to earn big in the years to come. Just this year alone, the mobile gaming app will be a $74.6 billion industry.

What will set you apart from the more than 800,000 game apps out there are excellent app marketing strategies backed by a good product, which is your gaming app?

Strategize your prelaunch app marketing strategies. It is not just an excellent product that makes an app launch a success. Leverage different marketing strategies until the final launch.

The competition is thick, and so game developers need to find creative ways to build a substantial web presence to have a successful game app launched and sustained.

Mayleen MeñezAbout the Author:

Mayleen Meñez worked for seven years in TV and Radio production, and also as a Graphic Artist/Editor. Finding her true passion, she devoted 15 years in NGO and community development work, where she experienced being a coordinator and teacher, traveling both in the Philippines and countries in Asia. She homeschools her three kids and reinvents Filipino dishes in her spare time. Writing has always been a hobby and pursuit, and she recently added content writing with Softvire Australia and Softvire New Zealand up her sleeve, while preparing for her next adventure in the nations.

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