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HTML Design Tips And Cross-Browser Compatibility Tips And Tricks

Everybody wish to have a beautifully designed website for their business and everybody knows that it surprisingly hard. And it is more curious to know that what the great designers know to make their website very attractive while the others don’t. Building up a great website is quite simple; the only thing is that you have to know the universal rules of making a good websites and follow it. Do you want to make your visitors to stay on your website and make them click on or buy stuff from your website? For this purpose it is better to follow the following HTML design tips.

Have A Polished, Professional Logo And Link It To Your Home Page:

As your logo is an important part of your brand, you should make sure that your logo is located in the website prominently. It is better to use high resolution image for your logo and feature it in the top left corner of each of your website pages. Also it is always good to link your logo with your home page and it makes a good navigation all through your website.

Use Intuitive Navigation:

Intuitive navigations are very important in a website. The confusing navigation will result in making the people to quit instead of go further clicking. So it is very important to give links to very important pages of your website also they should be given at the top of the page. And put less important links and information at the bottom of the pages.

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Get Rid Of Clutter:

Giving too many options for your visitors on your website will make them go out of the website and go with the competitor’s website as they may lack out the important information on your website. To keep your clients engaged in your website you will have to avoid the clutters and competing on your website which will affect the visitors from seeing the important information on your website pages. Further to keep the clutter down on the landing pages, you can consider giving links in the header and footer. Keeping the paragraphs short also helps to streamline the pages.

Use Color Strategically:

It is better to use a neutral color palette for your website to look it elegant, modern and clean appearance. Using small dashes of color will help your visitors to move to your most important content. It is also very vital to use the color which complements your logo and is regular with your supplementary marketing resources.

Design Every Page As A Landing Page:

It is better to develop all the pages as if it is the landing page. It means every page should have important and vital content and information of your website. Where ever the visitor lands on your page, that page should be able to explain what the website is all about and the important information.

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Cross-Browser Compatibility Tips And Tricks:

Cross-browser is web application which works with all types of all browsers. To assert cross-browser compatibility, the website is these days expected to assist browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari and also Internet Explorer and Netscape. Following are the some of the tips to make your website cross browser compatible.


1.) Define Valid Doctype:

Your doctype shows the cell phone browser what principles you’ll possibly be using as part of your code. Should you don’t establish, the browser has got to guess, and various browsers may guess in a different way. When people design throughout “strict mode,” Web browser 6 along with above may show behavior much nearer to that involving Firefox, Safari and other modern browsers.


Otherwise, Internet Explorer runs in a “quirks mode” wherever it tries to replicate the behaviour of more other browsers.

2.) CSS Reset:

By default, diverse browsers behave as per its particular default css principles. You must explicitly determine css to generate same behavior for distinct browsers.

3.) Conditional Comments:

Try to utilize conditional comments rather than CSS hacks. With conditional comments you’ll be able to link to part ways style sheets for distinct browsers.

<link type="text/css" href="style.css" />
<!--[If IE]>
<link type="text/css" href="IEHacks.css" />
<!--[if !IE]>
<link type="text/css" href="NonIEHacks.css" />

4.) JavaScript Collection:

Try to utilize JavaScript collection like jQuery, YahooUI, MooTools, Dojo abstract away your differences within the DOM, AJAX along with JavaScript.

5.) CSS Framework:

You should use CSS Frameworks such as Blueprint, 960 Grid. These are mostly corner browser agreeable.

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6.) Validate:

The W3C validation Service validates multiple versions involving XHTML along with HTML, outputting several useful mistakes and warnings to assist users produce a perfect web site.

7.) Testing:

People suggest First of all Firefox after which move for you to IE. Employ Firebug, a Firefox add-on along with IE Developer Toolbar intended for IE to set layout. To check website with different cell phone browser, there usually are some on-line and offline utilities such as browsershots, IETester and browser cam.

Many are searching intended for cross-browser style tips which will help them remedy mobile phone browser compatibility problems. After many, creating an internet site can possibly be easy however developing the one that looks a similar on many browsers can be tough. For countless years, browser compatibility is amongst the hardest regions of web improvement.

So these are the some of the things that a developer should bear in mind while developing the website regarding HTML design and cross browser compatibility. It is the responsibility of the developer to give a good navigation for the website visitors and so the clients get a good impression about the company, service and the products.

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