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Top 5 Ways Marketers Can Use Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR is definitely a very innovative technology of the latest time, where a person can sit and see his dreams turning into a reality virtually. And this is the reason why VR is becoming an essential technique for marketers to promote their products across the globe.

VR is still a very new technology and it needs more time to become popular among people. So, let’s discuss how marketers can use this technology in a better way in order to promote business to their targeted audience for bringing more profit in the near future.

Here we are listing 5 ways of promoting business through VR

1.) VR In Automobile Industry:

Today buying a car is not anymore a luxury, it is a basic need. How comfortable it would be if you get the facility to test drive your dream car before you actually drive it. So, to give clients that label of comfort zone these car selling companies can actually use this technology to offer a special type of service. Moreover, this type of technology will be beneficial for the company owner too, as he will be able to easily avoid a number of problems of actually organizing a test drive in reality from the showroom for every model. So, overall VR can actually prove to be a great opportunity for automobile industry too.

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2.) VR For Live Sports Entertainment:

The experience of live playing your favorite sport without actually playing it will be exciting news for any sports lover and an effective business idea for any marketer. Everybody knows that it is possible to see your favorite show live from any background, but playing it live is not at all possible for a non-player. And this is where virtual reality is important as it can give you that excitement and pleasure of actually playing it live with your favorite sportsperson.


3.) VR For Amusement Park Entertainment:

Using VR in making any type of amusement park can also be a very profitable business approach. People love to visit fun and unusual places where they can actually feel the sense of watching something live. Like, Jurassic park where there are special rides and the astonishing experience of watching Spiderman in 5D. This type of VR based interactive museum, zoo, digital art gallery and aquarium can help generate great revenues for any marketer.

4.) Virtual Reality In Real Estate:

Before buying a space for residential or commercial purpose, may be it can be for building a dream home or shopping mall, what you actually need is to decide whether that space will be apt for your needs. There is interactive walkthrough available. With walkthrough and architectural visualization you can get a better understanding of your next architectural project, this will allow you to take accurate decisions before you actually make an investment. So, it will be now easier to take decisions about space investments.

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5.) VR In Holiday Planning:

Today planning a holiday and vacation has become a very time consuming task for some people. So, for better advice they contact reputed holiday planning agencies. And usually, people get complete support from them about the holiday. So, it will be a nice idea for these companies to use VR technology as a part of their services.

Usually, it is seen that clients become or get somewhat confused about the choice of hotel in terms of its location, amenities and services, so to remove all the confusion this technology can assist them a lot. By sitting in the office of the travel assistant, you can easily enjoy your next holidaying destination or can experience the hotel services you are planning to stay in. The concept is to visit a place virtually. So, definitely it will be a sure shot beneficial business promotion idea, a lot better than just verbal promotional techniques.

Today, a number of companies and business worldwide have already started using virtual reality and have already got an upper hand on their competitors as they are able to provide their clients with something exceptional and so innovative and advanced. In addition, there are companies that specialize in Virtual Reality and provide comprehensive solutions or industry specific solutions designed to meet your needs.

Aijit BhayaAbout the Author:Aijit Bhaya, vDirector and CoFounder at CubeDots. An adventurer by nature, who has climbed several 6000 meter peaks in the Himalayas & cycled solo across tough terrains of Ladakh. He is 29 yrs old with a background of professional cricketer and 8 yrs of experience in Research and Development behind him. He founded Pitara AR back in 2010 and he has a special inclination towards technological innovations and developments specially Augmented Reality. He firmly believes that Augmented Reality is the biggest thing happened to the print industry after invention of colored printing.

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