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Top Must-Have Features In The Best Online Cab Booking App

Mobile applications have changed the life of the people and make it more comfortable and straightforward to live differently. From requesting sustenance from your preferred restaurant to booking appointments with your doctor, holding air tickets, and that’s just the beginning, they have made it possible to get things done with a single tap. The ongoing prominence of taxi booking apps has changed the manner in which individuals drive. These apps bring a large group of advantages for the passengers just as drivers. While the passengers can book a cab from any area, drivers can earn substantial sums of money by taking up rides that are close them. Other than the advantage of comfort, these apps offer shared rides, which are moderate and eco-friendly as well.

The ascent and success of a few cab organizations have fueled the interest for cab booking script. An ever-increasing number of organizations are hoping to wander into this space following the colossal global success accounts of brands, for example, Ola and Uber. In any case, on the off chance that you want to have an application developed for your business, there are a few things you have to know. Essentially, a taxi app is certainly not a single one yet a blend of a two-the driver app and the traveler app. Both are connected to an admin entrance from where they can be overseen. Give us a chance to investigate the features of both these apps:

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Features Of The Driver App:

  1. Driver’s Profile: As the name proposes, the driver’s profile shows total subtleties of the driver, with his refreshed profile, status, and license number. This feature empowers the confirmation of the driver just as educates about his accessibility for the ride.
  2. Messaging Alert: The messaging alert feature alerts the driver when a traveler close-by books a taxi with the goal that he can achieve the last most punctual possible.
  3. Route Navigation: Connected with a navigation app, this feature gives bearings to the driver so he can achieve his destination following the most limited route.
  4. Cab Sharing: The cab sharing feature empowers the age of a mutual ride bill if the suburbanites have selected a common outing.
  5. Ride Fare: With the ride fare feature, the driver gets an estimation of the fare of the ride in the wake of applying the rebate coupons assuming any.
  6. Details and Earnings: Stats and earnings present the excursion details alongside the profits and finance of the driver.
  7. Pick a Driver: This feature enables the traveler to pick a preferred driver who has given them excellent administration on a past excursion.


Features Of The Passenger App:

  1. Login/Registration: One of the key features, this one empowers first-time clients to enroll and rehash clients to sign in before they utilize the app for booking a ride.
  2. Booking Details: This is where the client enters the subtleties, for example, destination and time of booking.
  3. Fare Estimation: Fare estimation gives the client a thought regarding the fare that would be charged for the trek.
  4. Ride Options: With Ride Options, the traveler can choose the kind of car they would lean toward as per their prerequisites, for example, the number of passengers and spending plan.
  5. Car Tracking: This feature empowers the tracking of the cab with the goal that the traveler can know its area and time of entry.
  6. Driver Ratings: Driver appraisals are utilized by the clients to rate and survey the drivers based on administrations conveyed by them.
  7. Driver Contact Details: Contact subtleties of the driver are an essential feature as they encourage the collaboration between the driver and the traveler.
  8. Installment: With the installment feature, the traveler can make the installment in different ways and furthermore get a mechanized receipt using email.
  9. Ride History: The client can get to his booking and rise history and book more rides on a similar route.
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When these features are incorporated into the applications, they must be united and oversaw at a single admin board. Regardless of whether you are picking iPhone or Android app development for your business, you need to search for specialists who can deal with these complexities. There is additionally a choice to take up half and half app development, yet local apps are as yet preferred for cab booking administrations as they offer elite and scalability.

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