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SEO Fundamentals: Search Engine Optimization Specialist In 2016

Coming of every New Year brings with it technology innovations for the year and its working. 2016 introduces fresh guide for fundamentals of SEO. If Search Engine Optimization Specialist are focusing for high end performance following are the guidelines they need to follow this entire year. Right from keyword research to on-page SEO, site-wide SEO to mobile SEO, link building to content marketing everything will witness a change in its working this year.

Keyword Fundamentals:

Fundamentals related to Keyword research has witnessed much change in its working and have become much sophisticated than what it stood few years back. Now keyword research is application of rules that helps identify relevant topics and themes for the content structuring. Ample focus today must be put on to identify audience’s need and interests. Now drifting our focus onto structuring the content, let us focus on key issues that mould it.


  1. When word count is taken into consideration while creating content, ample attention must be paid to offering comprehensive coverage of a specific topic. No use depending on shorter content as it will only brush surface of topics.
  2. When writing on SEO based topics, identification of relevant terms is important. Primary keywords are used along with relevant terms to offer holistic coverage of topic.
  3. When it comes to utilization of keywords in the content, Search Engine Optimization specialists are recommended to apply suitable keywords throughout the content.
  4. Internal links help on upgrading the ranks of Web pages. It’s not about using too many internal links in the pages that lead to page ranking but optimization of pages which matters.
  5. When using header and meta-tags, ensure that H1 tags and descriptions are both unique and accurately described along with the main topic of the page.
  6. Using complete Site-wide SEO is important to rank any site better in the organic search results.
  7. Search Engine Optimization Specialist needs to focus on mobile friendly site feature of the site considering significant increase in the use of Smartphone at present time.
  8. Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool help figure out speed of site’s loading speed. Slow loading pages miss out significantly from user’s attention.
  9. A lot of focus must be put towards content structure as it allows for user interaction and breaking up of content into manageable chunks. Internal links help guide users search engine users with the help of suitable content on the site.
  10. Content Marketing is one of the most effective tact by which ranking of the website can be achieved. Experienced Search Engine Optimization Specialist has been found to perform excellent with application of short content and very high keyword density.
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SEO Guidelines:

SEO guidelines change each passing year and therefore it is important that one keeps a track of the strategies. These strategies help boost not just the ranking of the site but bring quality in the content and search results too. Each guideline is framed after much research and helps increase traction and rankings of contents.

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