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All About CSS3 With Features, Requirment And Information

A View On History Of CSS:-

CSS1 is the first edition of Cascading Style Sheets which were introduced in 1996. It came with the support for several properties. Introduction of unique ‘id’ for each property and introduction of classes to properties that should have the same styles attributes were the most important things there were. Margin, border, padding and positioning also powered by style sheets although they could be done by using the HTML elements. Spacing between lines and rows of tables are also easily done using the stylesheets. The W3C stated the importance of using CSS instead of having the html as the giving the ability to optimization and making it easy for the designers to design and settle down the design easily.
CSS2 was published in 1998. Positioning of index with several property values such like fixed, absolute, relative and indexing were the commonly highlighted ones among them. Bidirectional texts and some other new front properties such as shadows were introduced by this edition of CSS. Two updates and features came in to fix the errors in CSS 2. CSS 2.1 was the last 2nd generation edition of CSS.
CSS3 is the latest edition of the CSS Stylesheets. There are several new functionalities have been provided through CSS3. Functions such like opacity, Text-overflow, media queries and box shadows are some of the much attractive introductions.

CSS3 Requirment

Who Supports CSS3?
To get a grasp of how much CSS3 has influenced web development, look no further than Microsoft’s own adoption of the markup language with the new Internet Explorer 9 released in March. Prior versions seemingly ignored most of what CSS3 brought to the table, but with IE9, all of the major browsers (not to mention the software used to design pages in the first place) finally embrace the technology — allowing designers to at last show off their best efforts, regardless of platform.

CSS3 Properties List

Of course, users on older computers and browsers won’t be able to take full advantage of this advance without upgrading — but as time goes on, we’ll all be using CSS3-compliant browsers and many of the old, complicated methods of developing websites will start to fade at long last.

All About CSS3 With Features, Requirment And Information 

What’s New In CSS3:
Many exciting new functions and features are being thought up for CSS3. We will try and showcase some of them on this page, when they get implemented in either Firefox, Konqueror, Opera or Safari/Webkit.

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Here They Are:

nav-top, nav-right, nav-bottom, nav-left
attribute selectors

Basic Box Model:
overflow-x, overflow-y

Generated Content:

Other Modules:
CSS3 Transitions
media queries
multi-column layout
Web fonts

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