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The Office Of The Future – In Infographic View

In the office of the future, the workplace will be more culturally diverse. Women will make up 48% of US and EU member nations workforce by the end of 2015. Age considerations will also play a part where those aged 55 years of age and older will increase as the working population gets older.
The skills that will be coveted by employers will include technical aptitude, the ability to collaborate, analytical skills and negotiation skills. The line between working life and home life will become blurred. This will make working life easier due to the increasing innovation in technological tools. Relations between management and staff will centre on social collaboration.

With 3D printing now a billion dollar industry, this market will mature and those in the design and manufacturing industries in particular will gain from these the most. Some employees will not have an office desk at all as they will be working from home with telecommuting increasing in popularity. 1 in 4 employees already believe that the workforce will be working in virtual offices and over a third think that we will be using tablets and phones as standard instead of our desktop PCs in the future.

The office of the future will be hugely influenced by screens, sensors and connectivity. Mobile devices will interact with smart boards and OLED screens will become standard in the office space. When it comes to storing data all of these devices and networks will interact. Even human gesture control will link with devices that will allow users to control computers with a simple hand movement. Wearable technology will evolve and more will follow in the wake of Google Glass. Work stations will be completely reactive and everything will have the potential to be turned into a monitor. Have a look at the infographic below for more details.

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This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Dublin Office Centre

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