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5 Steps To Cleverly Get Natural Backlinks For Your Website

There is no question that getting natural backlinks for a website is essential to enhance search engine rankings. A good amount of backlinks builds trust factor between your website and search engines. As a matter of fact, if Google or any other search engine considers your website trustworthy, it consequently ranks it higher.

Search engine optimization is all about building links – tons of links. According to a recent statistics, a business spends more than half of its revenue on building quality links. This certainly shows how important link building is for a website.

So How Do You Intend To Build Natural, Organic Links?

Natural backlinks are built naturally or organically by different sources such as blogs, social profiles, and various trusted sites directing to your website because it offers useful information for their users.

According to Matt Cutts, “The key is not to build links that seem natural, the key is to build links that are natural.”

Why Should You Consider Only Natural Backlinks?

First of all, the obvious benefit is search engines. Having lots of natural backlinks elevates the value of your website in the eyes of search engine, consequently improving your search engine rankings

This is an excellent way to get to know the various types of audience you otherwise have no access to. You also get to build relationships with other relevant websites and learn and share knowledge Good links ultimately improve your credibility and earns you an authority figure.

Unfortunately, link building has evolved over time. In the era of new algorithms and SEO updates, it has become difficult than ever to build natural backlinks. Where Google Pandas banishing spammy links and Penguins pulling downing low-quality link, the life of a blogger has certainly become a lot harder.

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However, there are still various ways to build backlinks for your website without doing black hat SEO. Here are some of them explained in detail.


1.) Social Media Sites:

Social Media has certainly taken the world by storm. Not only has it revolutionized the way the internet marketing works, but also the way we share information today. Social media network is one of the best ways to build natural and valuable links directing to your website. The best part is that there are hundreds and thousands of social media sites available today where you can share your post and build links. These sites enable you to add links in your author bio sections.

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that offer great potential for adding a number of links directing to your website including personal profile page.
Twitter: Twitter allows you to add links in you author bio provided they are limited to 140 characters.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn is yet another popular social media platform that allows you up to three backlinks to different sites alongside personalized anchor text.
Google Plus: Google Plus also offers unlimited options of adding links directing to your websites.

These are the 4 top most networks that you shouldn’t overlook when opting for SMM for building backlinks.

2.) Use The Power Of Your Blog:

Whether you are running an eCommerce website or a business site, setting up a blog for the same can really prove to be beneficial for your site and build certain useful links for it.

Maintain A Blog On Your Site: Creating an additional page on your website to add content that users want to link to can really boost up your efforts by generating a lot of inbound links.
Make Resource Lists: Resource lists are a great source of information for your users. Creating a comprehensive list allows other webmasters to naturally link to the list without curating and rehashing.
Write Guest Blogs: Some say guest blogging is dead while others are making the most of it and creating a huge number of links directing to their website. The way guest blogging is done today sure have changed; however, the benefits it brings for your website haven’t changed. It is still considered as the best way to create organic links for your websites. Make sure you approach websites with good PR and DA to have better results.
Link Your Blog To Other Blogs: The content you write is meant to reach a wider market. The more you share your content, the better reach you will have. Link your content to other blogs and consequently, get the favor from them in terms of backlink.

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3.) PR Can Do Wonders:

Using your PR skills can also help you build relationships with certain established news websites.

Make a big fuss about a new thing your company is doing: You can write a press release on the launch of new products or new branch and reach to some journalists that see value in your news. Also, create a page where you can link back the PR to your website.

Op-Ed Article: An op-ed article is basically a content written for magazines, publications and publication’s editorial board. Writing for such a source can create an extremely useful inbound link.
Get Interviewed: There are various online services that like to interview emerging companies and publish it on their platforms. You can make the most of it by asking the journalists to have a special mention about your company or website with a link directed to your official website.

4.) Build Relationships:

Though there is a huge competition in the online world, you cannot grow without build relationships and partnerships. These relationships boost your ranking, status and trust factor not only in the eyes of search engines but also your customers.

Get Reviews: Asking for reviews is a great way of building relationships and strong customer base. You can users and industry experts to review your products for free and share it on their sites.
Building Partnerships With Other Complementary Industries: Building partnerships is a common practice in almost every industry to link to each others useful information since they have a lot in common.

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5.) Show Your Creative Side:

Besides sharing blog posts and press releases, there are a lot of other things to be shared such as images, videos, memes and much more.

Create An Infographic: Infographic is the latest trend in the online world. It has become another amazing way of sharing information over the web. Create an interesting infographic that can be shared on different platforms including social media.
Share Other Types Of Visual Content: Images, videos, and gifs can be used to increase links directing to your website. There are numerous image sharing websites available that can be used to share images with your website link.
Make Presentations Work: It can be difficult to share the same on multiple platforms. However, you can make use of presentations to present the same content but in a different style. Slice on your blog post or infographic and reform it in a presentation to share on your site, social media or even on Slideshare.

There is still a wide range of options available to build natural and organic links directing to your websites provided you know how to go about it. However, make sure you build only organic links that are linked to a established and trustworthy sources.

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